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  1. Is Civilization Just an Illusion?
  2. A Global Theory of Federalism: The Nature and Challenges of a Federal State
  3. Communism or Democracy, Which is Worse?
  4. Are you Right Wing or Left Wing?
  5. National Socialism: a Right-Wing or Left-Wing Ideology?
  6. Pro-Germanic Leftists
  7. The Return of Ethnic Nationalism
  8. How the Moslems Saved the West
  9. Your View on the Concept of 'Western World'?
  10. Why A "Democratic" Republic?
  11. Nationalism or Regionalism?
  12. Origins and Principles of Democratic Socialism
  13. Republic, Monarchy or Despotism
  14. Is Multiculturalism a Grand Conspiracy?
  15. Preservation of Culture... Static or Dynamic?
  16. German Socialism As an Alternative to Marxism
  17. Democratic Failure: More Decision-Makers Bring Less Efficiency
  18. Europeanist or Germanicist?
  19. What Do You Think of Socialism?
  20. Neo-Ludditism
  21. The Nation As a Human Being - a Metaphor in a Mid-Life Crisis?
  22. Should All Cultures Be Preserved?
  23. Class Identity?
  24. Is Being Pro-Israel Contradictory to Being Pro-Germanic?
  25. The Death of the State in Marx and Engels
  26. On Radovan Karadzic
  27. Concerning Socialism
  28. Is Socialism Compatible with Germanic Preservation?
  29. Racial Nationalism - Beyond Left & Right
  30. Your Views About National Anarchism?
  31. Why Do Americans Hate Socialism ?
  32. The Ideal Political System?
  33. Why Regional Democracy May Be Dangerous
  34. België Barst!’ What a Silly Idea…
  35. Are Marxism and Communism Detrimental to Germanic Preservation?
  36. Your Politics Are Boring As F***
  37. Racial Animosity
  38. National Liberalism
  39. Why Democracy is Wrong and What's Wrong with Democracy
  40. The Roman Model of American Government
  41. The Myth of Good Government
  42. Class and Voting
  43. Egalitarianism Leads to Nuclear Proliferation?
  44. Democracy Vs Monarchy
  45. Dick Clark: Introduction to Libertarianism
  46. When Democracy is a Burden
  47. Antifa - My Thoughts
  48. Question: German Opinion Re: Thought & Speech Crimes
  49. How to Revive the West
  50. Identitarianism
  51. The Cause Of Our Strife - Cultural Marxism
  52. Eurofascism - an Introduction
  53. National Socialism and Imperialism
  54. Irredentism
  55. The War on Whites Since WWII
  56. Should Emigration Be Judged As Treason?
  57. Will Nationalsocialism Ever Rise Again?
  58. Manipulation in Time of Economic Crisis
  59. Us and Them: The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism
  60. Nationalism Rising Across Europe
  61. On Blaming Others
  62. National Socialist Racial Policy [A Speech to German Women, by Dr. Walter Groß]
  63. The Socialist Phenomenon
  64. Your Thoughts on Christian Nationalism?
  65. The Rise Of Militant Islam And Marxism: An Analysis
  66. How To Be a Liberal: A Tutorial
  67. Is Democracy the Killer of Liberty?
  68. Is National Socialism a Germans' Only Ideology?
  69. The Racists Around Us: An Outsider’s View of “White Nationalism”
  70. Monarchy vs. Republic, By Otto Von Habsburg
  71. What Would You Classify As Treason in Your Ideal State?
  72. Is Absolute Democracy Possible?
  73. A Mix of Socialism and Capitalism
  74. Bay Area National Anarchists: California Racists Claim They're Anarchists
  75. How Multiculturalism Causes Conflict: The Case of the Balkans
  76. Time Mag's Top 10 Conspiracy Theories
  77. 10 Lesser Known or Used Forms of Government
  78. 16 Signs That You Live In A Tyranny
  79. Leading Communist Ideologues: Germanic or Non-Germanic at Large?
  80. Dr. Tom Sunic: Critic of the Post-Modern Age
  81. Flaws of the Nationalists' Movement
  82. The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part III
  83. Most Dangerous Non-Germanic European Influences
  84. The Occult Heart of Nazism
  85. Anarchism Versus Minarchism
  86. Race and Capitalism (by Constantin von Hoffmeister)
  87. Nationalist Renaissance
  88. Liberal Versus Libertarian
  89. Real Nationalism
  90. White Eurasia (Eurosiberians)
  91. German Think-Tank Online
  92. The Nouvelle-Droite and Ethno-Differentialism
  93. Is Freedom of Choice a Positive or Negative Concept?
  94. The Laws of the ϟϟ Order
  95. The Delusions of Demagogues
  96. New Video: Rev. Wright Praises Magazine’s ‘No Nonsense Marxism’
  97. The Right to Make War (1912) – By Friedrich Von Bernhardi
  98. The Metapolitical Rebirth of Europe – By Pierre Krebs
  99. Notes On Liberal Democracy And Its Alternative – By John Gordon
  100. Is Religion Necessary for Sustaining White Birth Rates?
  101. Why the Hate for Liberalism?
  102. Ron Paul’s "The Revolution" And Libertarianism’s Fatal Flaw
  103. Music and the Rise and Decline of Western Civilization
  104. Legislative Chambers: Unicameral or Bicameral?
  105. 100 Propaganda Techniques
  106. Achieving Nationalism Through Discipline – By Tom Stanwell
  107. How They Manipulate Us
  108. Liberals Are Useless
  109. The Danger of Americanism
  110. Another God That Failed: 'Democratism'
  111. Swiss Freedom Vs US and EU Force
  112. The Difference Between Nationalsozialismus and Nationaler Sozialismus
  113. The Marxist Roots of 'Political Correctness'
  114. Can True Nationalists Be Pro-Semitic?
  115. Herder on Nationhood
  116. Was Nazism a Catholic Movement?
  117. Strasserite texts
  118. Videos: The History of Political Correctness
  119. Leftism Vs Leftism
  120. Western Marxism: What is Waiting for You
  121. Europe, A Großraum?
  122. What Political Orientation Options Are Open to Racially Aware People?
  123. Breaking the Grip of the Intellectual Cultural Hegemony Machine
  124. Lion Pride, As Social Political Metaphor
  125. Ron Paul and the Dark Heart of Libertarianism
  126. A Separate Country for All Multiracials?
  127. David Quinn: A Nation with Equality As Its Sole Value Destroys Freedom
  128. Why Socialism Will Never Work!
  129. Why Whites Are Superior - Racism Without ... Racism.
  130. Reflection on Hitler Quotes
  131. Johann Gottlieb Fichte: Address to the German Nation (1807)
  132. What is Anthroconservatism?
  133. National Socialist Directions - Old School vs. Neo-/Modern
  134. Libertarianism & Traditionalism
  135. My Problem with Conservatism.
  136. Some of Hitler's Views on Democracy
  137. Are Germans the Origin of Modern Democracy?
  138. The Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism
  139. Jews and the French Revolution [by Archibald Ramsay]
  140. How Zionists Divide and Conquer
  141. Racial Nihilism
  142. Re-Reading Rousseau; a Startling Paper Through the Occidental Quarterly
  143. Anarchist Ideology
  144. Nationalism Versus Globalism
  145. Socialist Writers
  146. A Test...
  147. Critiques Of Social Political Democracy
  148. The Wilders Syndrome: Jewish, Israel, and the European Right
  149. Socialized Capitalists
  150. Interesting Lines from Mein Kampf
  151. Neo-Nazis Are the Bane of Nationalism
  152. Winston Churchill's Views On Islam (1899)
  153. The Decline of Society
  154. Psychology of Modern Leftism
  155. Rockwell Was Right
  156. Intellectual Discipline
  157. Truth, Heresy, and Heroes in White Nationalism
  158. Did National Socialism Win the Second World War?
  159. National Socialism and Nazism
  160. Duties of Government
  161. Duties of the Citizen
  162. The Case Against Socialism
  163. Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Essay on Globalisation
  164. Transmuted Organic Culture
  165. A Hero's Story: Corneliu Zela Codreanu.
  166. Globalisation and Our Value System
  167. Interview with Colin Jordan (ᛉ 19 June 1923 – ᛣ 9 April 2009)
  168. Dr. Goebbels Prescribes the Proper Attitude Toward Jews
  169. Empire of the End [Constantin von Hoffmeister]
  170. Hypothetical Question for "Preservationists": Evolution or Preservation?
  171. Riding the Tiger
  172. Is There Any Difference in Police and Military?
  173. Nationalism – How It Works and Why the Corporate Elite Want to Kill It
  174. Racism Re-Defined
  175. Do You Believe, on a Core, Internal-Level, in the Definable Term of Liberalism?
  176. What Can Be Done
  177. Lenin, Marx, Engels ... Politically Incorrect Quotes
  178. Fascism Is Not Conservatism
  179. The Reason I Confess to the National Socialist Idea.
  180. Fascism, a Definition
  181. Redefining Racism and Multiculturalism
  182. How to Be a Good Liberal
  183. Democracy/Democrazy/Demokratur
  184. Racialism Vs Racism
  185. Democracy May Depend on the Ignorant
  186. The Future of White Women—A Speculation
  187. On Cities, Women, and White Survival
  188. National Socialism, Fascism, and Communism
  189. The Scourge of Egalitarianism
  190. Your Ideal Society?
  191. Is Marxism the Logical Consequence of Darwinism?
  192. Nature, Nurture, and Liberal Values
  193. What is Your Opinion on Muckrakers?
  194. John de Nugent's Solutreanism
  195. People Aren't Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish, Scientists Say
  196. Quotes And Jokes By Politicians
  197. The Two Faces of Nationalism (Julius Evola)
  198. The Leftist Ideology
  199. ANTI-JEWISM: The Deadly Plague of White Nationalist Slave Morality
  200. Equality As an Evil - The Moral Scourge of Modernity
  201. Why Does the Average Person Affiliates Racialists with Authoritarianism?
  202. Sixteen Recent Degenerations - Charles Fourier (1823)
  203. What is National Socialism
  204. Alfred Vierling Interviews David Duke
  205. Liberalism and Biology: What happens when a body devotes itself to selflessly helping other bodies?
  206. Changing Views of Fascism
  207. What is Your View of Creating an Empire?
  208. David Icke: Rothschilds Control The World
  209. Sparta and Nazi Germany in Mid-20th Century British Liberal and Left-wing Thought
  210. The Self-Destructive Society
  211. Cotswold Declaration of 1962.
  212. The Nationalist Dilemma: Love the People That Hate You.
  213. 'From Sacrifice Comes Victory' - Troy Southgate
  214. A Short Guide to Leftist Conspiracy Theories
  215. New Interview with Alexander Dugin: "Global Liberal Hegemony is the Enemy"
  216. Original German Version of this Rosenberg Quote?
  217. National Socialist Racial Thought
  218. Tolerance As Hypocrisy and As Superstition
  219. In Defense of Monarchy
  220. Political Spectrum Charts
  221. Germanic Political Ideals in the Age of Science
  222. Judeo-Boasian Anthropology is Subversive and Psychological Racial Warfare
  223. The 'Alt-Right' & Neoreactionaries
  224. Naive, False and Ignorant Patriotism
  225. Pagan Unitarianism (Sigrid Hunke): Europe’s New Religion and Its Old Stereotypes
  226. Why Borders Matter, And a Borderless World is a Fantasy
  227. Evola on the Subject of Race
  228. 'National Socialist Europe Ideology' [Prof. Paul Kluke]
  229. The Myth of the XXth Century [Dr. Alfred Rosenberg]
  230. Self-Reliance As a Political Movement or Idea
  231. Progressive or Regressive?
  232. How Movements Succeed
  233. Working Definition of Anti-Europeanism & Anti-Germanicism
  234. Definitions of Fascism and Racism
  235. Split: Cultural Nationalism vs Ethnonationalism
  236. Metapolitics and Party Politics - Dr: Thor Von Waldstein
  237. The Folly of "Civic Nationalism"
  238. Forced to Be Free: The Case for Paternalism
  239. Johnny Gat: Milo Yiannopoulos & Black Pigeon Speaks EXPOSED
  240. Why “Racist” is Losing Its Power
  241. Is Libertarianism Utopian?
  242. Temporary Nationalism: Flying the Flag Only When it Suits
  243. John Tyndall - White Socialism
  244. What Did the Founders Mean By “Liberty”?
  245. How and Why the State Destroys Society
  246. British Nationalism vs English Nationalism
  247. "Who Really Controls Our World"
  248. "How the Jews Won the West"
  249. Neocon Plans for Europe: George Friedman
  250. What Do The Globalists Get Out Of Destroying Europe And The West?