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  1. British racism laws
  2. Who Is Your Favorite British Ethnicity?
  3. UK Whites Will Be Minority by 2100
  4. The British National Party [BNP] :Collected Articles
  5. Chavs: British White Trash at Its Best...
  6. The New Conquest of Britain - By 2050, Britain will no longer be an Anglo-Saxon Country!
  7. The New Class Divide in Britain
  8. British Bid to Mend War Scars
  9. The Fire Ritual of Britain (Guy Fawkes Night)
  10. The British settlers of the Bay Islands (Honduras)
  11. Just How Germanic is Britain/England?
  12. "Krauts": The Image of Germans in Britain Worsens
  13. How British Are You ?
  14. Racist Attacks on the Rise in Rural Britain
  15. Immigration rise increases segregation in British cities
  16. Wanted Briton to stand for election
  17. Carving the British Men: Our British Heritage and the Sword of Islam
  18. British youth attacked by immigrants
  19. Euro-ruled Britain won't need a king
  20. "More about Being British" by John Tyndall
  21. Britain shelves plans for vote on EU constitution
  22. Britons, Angles, and ethnicity
  23. British Jews Fear Intolerance
  24. The word "fail" should be banned from use in British classrooms
  25. A British jihadist
  26. British Opinion Surveys From an Islamist Hell
  27. Immigration Map of Britain
  28. The face of Britain's multi-culturalism
  29. British grandparent may no longer mean right to a visa
  30. Britons think French deserve their 'negative stereotype': poll
  31. British Towns and Villages Network
  32. Association of British Counties -- Saving Our Shires
  33. Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey
  34. British Isles Surname Profiler
  35. British Girls Among Most Violent in World, WHO Survey Shows
  36. Maps of Britain Through the Ages
  37. WMD Gear Found In British Mosque
  38. Awesome Germanic Sculpture in Britain
  39. Good name for a British Skadi
  40. The dilemmas of British fascism
  41. Hajis Threaten Death to Britain
  42. Death, Identity And The Body In Neolithic Britain
  43. Man Barred From British Royal Palace Job For Being White
  44. U.K. schools no longer required teaching children about Britain’s cultural heritage
  45. 'Disliking Foreigners' now Illegal in Britain
  46. New British Laws to Criminalise Political Dissent
  47. Britain 'worse than 20 years ago'
  48. Edict of Expulsion of the Jews still valid in Britain
  49. Britain's Melting Pot A "Rich Mix of Cultures and Religion"
  50. British pensioner despatches 4 muggers in a German town
  51. 44% of Brits have no intention of getting internet access
  52. Leaving Britain...
  53. British Officials Don't Want White "Racist" Immigrants
  54. As more immigrants arrive in the UK, native Britons emigrate
  55. Britain's teenagers 'among worst behaved in Europe'
  56. The face of terror: Britons need to know about the fanaticism that threatens them
  57. British Security Crisis?
  58. What Is the Future for British Nationalism?
  59. Britons, Angles, ethnicity and material culture
  60. Is this the last generation of British Jews?
  61. Should the UK Be Broken Up?
  62. Britain 'best' for Non Whites!
  63. Gwyneth Paltrow: 'British much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans'
  64. Skadi British Meetup?
  65. Israel to Join British Commonwealth?
  66. Report: Britain Could Send Probes to Moon by 2010
  67. MultiCultured Britain : don't ask questions!
  68. What the EU costs Britain.
  69. BIG Fan Of The Old British Empire !
  70. Britain's Future Muslims?
  71. British Prison Toilets Now Moslem Friendly!
  72. This is the face of multi-racial Britain
  73. Britain Named As One of Europe's Crime Hotspots
  74. British Burkha Wars : latest news
  75. British children: poorer, at greater risk and more insecure
  76. Obese British boy will remain in mother's care
  77. Town branded too white and too British
  78. Polski Britain
  79. Ashamed of British Law
  80. The British Way of Murder
  81. Foreign students 'are better at English than British undergraduates'
  82. A third of Britons believe: "You can't be British AND Moslem"
  83. EU gives up on 'metric Britain'
  84. How do your views compare to the rest of the British population?
  85. A Plague of Political Correctness: Life in Britain has become unbearable
  86. Britain: the World in one Country
  87. Do You Consider Yourself To Be British & Do You Value The United Kingdom?
  88. The British National Party
  89. The Failure of British Nationalism Explained
  90. Migrants can enter Britain in 73 ways!
  91. British Moslem woman convicted of penning poems about beheadings
  92. "Britain should adopt Moslem Ways..."
  93. Britain is losing the arguments in Europe
  94. Immigration out-paces British exodus
  95. Arranged Marriages For The British
  96. Muslims More British Than Rest of Population, Survey Finds
  97. Sitz! British Bobbies Learn German to Bark Orders at Alsatian Police Dogs
  98. Brown Banishes 300-year-old Tradition by Removing Britannia from Our 50p Coin
  99. Britain paying for explosion of immigrant births
  100. 23% of Britons say Churchill didn't Exist.
  101. British Government Wants to Mandate Fluoridation
  102. Call for British Children to Learn Polish
  103. Adoption of Islamic Sharia Law in Britain is 'Unavoidable'
  104. An Open Question to My British Friends?
  105. Britain Considers Axing Ancestry Visas
  106. Myths of British Ancestry
  107. Britain's Rightful King is German & Catholic
  108. Solar Panels Fitted Last Year: Germany: 130,000; Britain: 300
  109. EU Plan to Split Britain Along Ancient Ethnic Lines
  110. Britain AD
  111. 1/4 of Births in Britain Are to Immigrant Families
  112. Life in Britain More Dangerous Than the Balkans
  113. Briton Wins Compensation After Holiday 'Surrounded by Germans'
  114. Hip-Hop Hoodies to Represent British 'National Identity' in Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony
  115. Britain Isn't British Anymore
  116. Yet More from "PC" Britain!
  117. Britain: A Failed State?
  118. Decapitated Body of British Girl, 17, Found Hacked to Pieces in Suitcase in Brazil
  119. What's in a Name? Britain's Rudest Places
  120. The Overpopulated Britain: Fears of Sociocultural Disintegration
  121. Britain is Second Most Popular Destination for Migrants
  122. We Will Spill British Blood, Warns Sheikh Ahmad Fartusi
  123. Sharia Courts Operating in Britain
  124. Council Ranks Term 'British' with 'Negroes' and Bans It in Case It Upsets Scots, Welsh and Minorities
  125. Words Associated with Christianity and British History Taken Out of Children’s Dictionary
  126. Regionalist Movements of Britain
  127. Rapid Rise in Number of Mixed Race Britons
  128. British Most Promiscuous?
  129. Huge Areas of Britain Have Become Foreign Colonies
  130. British Court Convicts Two Men of `Race Hate’ Crimes
  131. Revealed: the Rise of Mixed-Race Britain
  132. British Gun Ban Backfires
  133. ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ Strikes Across the UK
  134. Declining IQ Levels in Britain Shock Observers
  135. British Traitors Aka "Hard Working Immigrants"
  136. Britain Is Being Colonised: In Excess of 20% of All Residents Are of Foreign Origin
  137. Britons Swap Cake For Curry As Our Traditions Die Out
  138. Britain Will Have a Moslem Prime Minister in 30 Years, Claims Labour MP
  139. Britain 'Needs National Identity' to Get Through Recession, Says Gordon Brown
  140. Hate Preacher: I Want "Sharia" Law In Britain
  141. English Language and Its Rivals in British Parliament
  142. Polish Migrant Workers Leave Britain in Droves
  143. A Third of All British Whites Claim Anti-White Discrimination
  144. ‘Diversity’ Is Turning Britain Into East Germany—A Nation of Sneaks
  145. Are The British Finally FED UP With Islam?
  146. The Law Lords Make Britain Unsafe Yet Again
  147. BNP Leader Rejects ‘Politically Correct’ Sniping from ‘British Legion’
  148. British Police Detain White People `To Balance Racial Statistics’
  149. Britain: From Parliament to Police State
  150. Cave Record of Britain's Pioneers
  151. Last British WWI Soldier Dead
  152. Britain is No Longer a Christian Nation, Claims Church of England Bishop
  153. The British Quarterstaff Association
  154. British Police Forbidden to Arrest Muslims During Ramadan
  155. Britain Warns of Rise in Far-Right Violence
  156. What Does the Term "British" Mean to You?
  157. In Britain, Pupils Allegedly Spend `Too Little Time on Holocaust'
  158. Britain and England: A Case Of Split Identity
  159. One British Passport Handed Out to Immigrant Every Two Minutes
  160. £12 Million “Aid” to Whites in Britain — but £61 Million to Zimbabwe
  161. British Pakistanis Creating “No-Go” Areas for White People
  162. British Queen Will Be Forced to Wear Burkha
  163. Britain Apologizes to Orphans Shipped Overseas
  164. Britain and the EU
  165. "This Isn't the Britain We Fought For"
  166. British Army 'No Longer Necessary' in Germany
  167. Immigrants Who Don’t Understand English Have Been Able to Buy Language Certificates That Give Them the Right to Settle in Britain
  168. British Court Declares Judaism "Racist"
  169. Millions of Britons Unable to Cope with Modern Life, Says Study
  170. V-Weapons Over Britain
  171. Class Has Replaced Race As the Main Cause of Discrimination in Britain, Claims Labour
  172. British Official : Immigrants Import 'Barbaric And Medieval' Views About Women
  173. Pictures Of British Soldiers From WWI
  174. How Britain is Using Classical Music As a Form of Social Control
  175. Racism on the Rise in Britain
  176. Moslem Gangs Imposing Sharia Law in British Prisons
  177. Briton is Recognised As World's First Officially Genderless Person
  178. One of Britain's Biggest Mephedrone Dealers is the Son of a Prominent Jewish Labour MP
  179. Brits Believe Mixed-Race People Are the 'Most Attractive and Successful'
  180. How The Lib-Dems Perceive Britain
  181. 1.1 Million Illegal Immigrants Have Invaded Britain, New Report Reveals
  182. A Hung Parliament for Britain
  183. More Britons Consider Emigrating
  184. Britain Takes First Step in Cutting Non-EU Immigration
  185. The British Are at Most 13th Cousins from Each Other
  186. Calls Grow for Burka Ban in Britain As French Outlaw Islamic 'walking
  187. Twenty Babies in Britain Named Adolf
  188. That's How the Brits Are Sold
  189. Massive Problem of Moslems and White British Child Sex Slaves
  190. Wake Up Britain
  191. Pope Visits Britain and Kisses Polish Baby
  192. British People on Here...
  193. Nigel Farage (UKIP) Strikes Again!
  194. Ministers Plan Huge Sell-off of Britain's Forests
  195. Get Britain Out Of Europe!
  196. British Girl, 15, Arrested Over Alleged Koran Burning
  197. Britain Wants Turkey In The EU
  198. Easiest Way To Get British Citizenship?
  199. Sudden Oak Death Now Threatens More of Britain's Trees
  200. British Children Not Welcome at Playgroup
  201. The British Hippy Who Became an Imam
  202. Britain's Trillion Pound National Debt Crisis
  203. Physical Extermination of British People Speeding Up
  204. Number of "British" Hajis Will Double to 5.5m in 20 Years
  205. Lack of Political Freedom in Britain
  206. Sexual Grooming of British Young Girls by Pakis
  207. 50% of Britain Would Vote for Far-Right Parties
  208. The Way We Were: 100 Years of the British Census
  209. Prince Charles Has Warned That the British Countryside Risks Being Ruined by Monoculturalism.
  210. British Detectives Smash Global Paedophile Ring
  211. Enoch Powell: British Hero
  212. Britain's First BNP Mayor
  213. Britain's First BNP Mayor Elected
  214. Briton 'Beaten to Death' in a Dubai Police Cell After Being Arrested for Swearing
  215. Massacre at the Hillfort: Mass Grave That is Challenging Our Beliefs About Iron Age Britain
  216. British Girls 'biggest Teenage Binge Drinkers in Western World'
  217. British Teacher Arrested for Allowing Her Pupils to Name a Teddy Bear 'Muhhammad'
  218. Europe Tells Britain Not to Ask for Help in a Crisis
  219. One in a Hundred Slovakians Has Come to Live in Britain
  220. They All Despise the British
  221. How Could an African Woman Steal This British Housewife's Identity and Get Away with It for 15 Years?
  222. British Summer Time
  223. 'Undesirable and Dangerous' Immigrant Criminals Can Not Be Deported from Britain, Say Euro Judges
  224. Is It Too Late to Save the British People from Extinction?
  225. English or Brit(ish)? What is the Difference?
  226. Moslems: "It’s Britain, Don’t Tell Us How to Live" - London Borough 'Put Under Sharia Law'
  227. Britain Must Take More Migrants
  228. Hypothetical Occupation of Britain in WWII
  229. Split: British riots blame game
  230. Turk Murders Mother of British Girlfriend
  231. Is the BBC the Most Subversive Force in the UK?
  232. Britain Enacts Blanket Ban on Protests
  233. Iraqi Asylum Seeker, 17, Took Part in Gang Rape Just Four Months After Arriving in Britain
  234. Strategic Discrimination in the British Film Industry
  235. Girls Equal in British Throne Succession
  236. 'Took Bribes to Allow Nigerians into Britain'
  237. 3/4 of Britons Who Become Moslems Are Female
  238. Which UK Politician Do You Dislike The Most?
  239. Two-thirds of Britons Cannot Say Anything in a Foreign Language
  240. Ministers Want to Commit Britain to Billions in Handouts
  241. “British Flag Flying in Britain Is Offensive”, Authorities Agree to Fly It Only on Special Days.
  242. Britain is Still Giving Aid to Rich Brazil
  243. Immigation Does Keep Britons Out of Jobs, Government Committee Admits
  244. Favourite English/British Food and Drink?
  245. Britain WILL Keep Giving Millions in Aid to India Says Downing Street, Even Though the Country Has Said 'We Don’t Want It – It's Peanuts'
  246. Jews and the British State by Benjamin Ginsberg
  247. An End to Multiculturalism: New Migrants Should Show 'a Grasp of the English Language and an Understanding of British Traditions'
  248. Mass Immigration and How Labour Tried to Destroy Britishness!
  249. 'Make Bradford British' Documentary
  250. Is This Britain's First White Honour Killing Victim?