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  1. Do Europeans Have Claim to North America?
  2. Who Owns Neuschwabenland (New Swabia/Queen Maude Land)?
  3. Colonial Identity: Ethnic Mosaic versus Melting Pot
  4. Walter Plecker, John Powell, Eugenics, and the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America
  5. United North America - Amalgamation of Canada and the United States of America
  6. The Nine Nations of North America
  7. Origins of the Vinland Flag?
  8. The Value of Colonialism/New World Migration & Establishment
  9. How Similar Do You View the Colonies/New World?
  10. Why Do Some People from USA, Canada, Call Themselves German, English, Etc.?
  11. Can Colonials Uphold More Than One Celto-Germanic Tradition at a Time?
  12. Relationship Between Canada and Australia
  13. Colonials as Europeans
  14. US Battles Against UN 'Anti-Nazi' Measure
  15. Are the Colonials' Days Numbered?
  16. Colonials Favouring Assistance to Europe, a Loyalties Question
  17. German Legacy in the New World
  18. White South African Granted Refugee Status in Canada
  19. The New World Identity: White, Germanic or Anglo-Colonial?
  20. The WASP Establishment - Are They to Blame for the State of Germanic Peoples Today?
  21. Anglo-Centric Germanic Colonialism
  22. Post-Anti-Americanism: Growing European Disdain For The U.S.
  23. Anti-German German-Americans
  24. North American Refugees
  25. Colonials. Do You Have Contact with Your Relatives in Europe?
  26. Decolonization or Colonialism?
  27. How to Counter the Argument That We Germanics Have No Right to USA or Other Countries Outside of Europe
  28. Australian Home Affairs Minister: “We’ll let White South African Farmers in as Refugees”
  29. European colonizers killed so many Native Americans that it changed the global climate, researchers say