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  1. The English Nation's Germanic Roots
  2. The European Union: Reuniting the Frankish Family
  3. English, Scots and Welsh are now officially ethnic
  4. Should/Will Greenland Secede From Denmark?
  5. Roots in Europe
  6. Scandinavism/Nordism
  7. H. L. Mencken on Anglo-Saxons
  8. Americans view Europe as decadent and soon-to-disappear civilization
  9. Reconstructing An Indo-European Cultural Identity
  10. Greatest European Country In Terms Of Achievements
  11. British Anti-Germanism Deepens
  12. Are the Dutch Low German or Are the Low Germans Dutch? / Should the Netherlands Join Germany?
  13. Building a Pan-Germanic Nation
  14. Nordic Countries: The Cultural Elite of the World
  15. Hyphenated Europeanism?
  16. The Norden Associations / Föreningen Norden / Pohjola-Norden / Norræna félagið
  17. European Integration and Sub-State Nationalism: Flanders, Scotland and the EU
  18. Scandinavia vs. Norden and the Baltic Region/The Difference Between Scandinavian, Nordic and Baltic
  19. Why Are The Nordic Countries Ranked As The World’s Best Countries To Live In?
  20. The English are German
  21. The Clash of the Vikings: Danes Vs Swedes
  22. Where Are the Best Places to Live in England and Scotland?
  23. Is European Civil War Inevitable by 2025?
  24. Worlds Apart: The Danish - Swedish Culture Clash
  25. 'Nationalism' in the Nordics
  26. English Prince, German Soldier: Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  27. Towards a United States of Europe (by Jürgen Habermas)
  28. Holland vs. Deutschland
  29. Guernsey: Norman or English?
  30. German-Danish Border Serves As Model for Europe
  31. "Germanopean" Civil Wars?
  32. Who Here is Saxon?
  33. Putinist Russia and Germanic Interests
  34. "Independence from the UK": Shetland Storms and UK Taxes Prove No Man is an Island
  35. Scandinavians and the "Germanic" Nomenclature
  36. Why Are There So Few Nordics/Scandinavians Interested in Germanic Identity?
  37. Swedish Historian Touts Nordic Power Bloc
  38. My Great Journey in the Germanic Urheimat
  39. North/Center/South/East Divide in Europe
  40. Uniting Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway Together?
  41. Britain 'n' Germany!
  42. Europe is Being Conquered
  43. The Nordic Countries Remain Some of the Least Corrupt in the World
  44. Saxons in Germany: English?
  45. What is Really Going on in Sweden and Germany?
  46. Iceland Wants UK to Join Nordic Alliance of Non-EU Countries
  47. In Europe, Everything is "Impossible"
  48. Greenland, Suicide Capital of the World
  49. The Great Replacement: Austria, Denmark & The Netherlands
  50. The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism
  51. Almost Half of Swedes and Danes Reject EU, Prefer Their Own ‘Nordic Union’
  52. Old & Modern Stereotypes About the North
  53. What Does It Mean to YOU to Be “European”?
  54. Nordics Fail To Win Back Crown As World's Best English Speakers
  55. The Hidden Gem Of European Diplomacy
  56. Are the Orcadians Scottish or a Separate Ethnic Group? Should They Be Independent?
  57. Greenland Forms New Government
  58. Danish Greenlanders
  59. Map of Europe Based off of 'Anti-Semitic Views' By ADL
  60. Archaeologists find 'Viking drinking hall' during Orkney dig
  61. Which Of These Lost Or Highly Marginalized Germanic Groups Do You Find Most Interesting?
  62. Greenlanders Strove For Change
  63. Vennbahn: The World's Weirdest Border?
  64. The Swiss Swedish origin legend