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  1. Facing Global Warming, are People Like Frogs?
  2. Warm winters could push Baltic seals further to north
  3. Melting of glaciers speeds up
  4. Database on Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Landscape Ecosystems in Europe
  5. Animal Studies in the Land of the Midnight Sun Illuminate Biological Clocks
  6. Fossils: Myths, Mystery and Magic
  7. Cave Biology (Biospeleology)
  8. Big lakes detected under Antarctica
  9. Bats Prey On Nocturnally Migrating Songbirds
  10. The Colossal And Giant Squid-Thread
  11. The Sinkhole-Thread
  12. Too late to save the ice caps!
  13. USA: Mystery Bee Disappearances
  14. Huge Underground "Ocean" Found Beneath Asia
  15. Despite Warnings, Ocean Circulation Not Slowing Down
  16. CO2 output from shipping twice as much as airlines
  17. “Wound” in Seafloor
  18. Thread in Honour of Environmental Campaigners
  19. Longest Underground River found in Mexico
  20. Asia Pollution changes World's Weather
  21. Screwing the Ugandan forest to make money
  22. Arctic Tundra shrinks as Forests grow
  23. Save the Red Squirrels!
  24. Industrial Pollution heats up Arctic faster
  25. Study Challenges Theories On Species
  26. Canada's 'heavy oil' reserves to be tapped
  27. Major rivers in danger of dying
  28. Collective Responsibility: Little lifestyle changes can have a big impact on the planet
  29. EU takes Poland to court over wetland motorway plans
  30. The World's Giant Rivers Are Running Dry
  31. How the Dinosaurs Died?
  32. Can Cloning Save Species From Extinction?
  33. Shark Declines Threaten Shellfish Stocks
  34. By airship to the North Pole -- Zeppelin expedition will survey sea ice in the Arctic
  35. Fossilised trees mystery solved
  36. Bid to halt bumblebee decline
  37. Global Warming to Change Day's Length
  38. Source of Major Earthquakes Discovered Beneath U.S. Heartland
  39. Bulldozing Our Wetlands as Planet Warms
  40. Rapid Evolution to Avoid Extinction
  41. Earth Speaks in an Inaudible Voice
  42. Continental Collision: The Future Earth
  43. Walking to the Shops ‘Damages Planet More Than Going by Car’
  44. A list of 26 Species "Concepts"
  45. Bizzarre Deep Sea Creatures
  46. Yellowstone volcano not ready to blow
  47. Trip proposed to centre of Earth via Arctic hole
  48. Beethoven Music can help crops grow more quickly!
  49. Soil Erosion is the "Silent Global Crisis"
  50. Earth was all along the Planet of the Apes
  51. The 13 European Vegetation Types
  52. The 2007 Red List of Endangered Species is out and It's Not Pretty
  53. Giant Texan spider web baffles experts
  54. Giant Earthworms
  55. The Trace of Life on Earth
  56. New plant and animal species discovered in Vietnam
  57. 80 Million Years Without Sex
  58. New dinosaur species found in Argentina
  59. Greenlands WW2 glacier planes 268' under ice
  60. 9 Nov 2007 : Tidal surge in the North Sea
  61. Histogram of Evolution
  62. Divorce is bad for the Environment
  63. The Golden Eagle/Steinadler
  64. A Cold Spell soon to replace Global Warming
  65. Do You Believe in Global Warming?
  66. US scientists close to creating artificial life: study
  67. A Primeval Tide of Toxins
  68. Tiny flying forest dweller fossil
  69. A Gorillas Evolving?
  70. Wild Gorillas Mate Face to Face. Evolution in Action?
  71. Antartic Giant Sea Spiders, New Species?
  72. The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL): 1.8 Million Species
  73. The Earths Water and Air Rolled Up into a Ball
  74. Huge Grotto Found Under Norwegian Glacier
  75. 2008: More Heat Expected Again
  76. Has the Climate Change Debate Shifted?
  77. Happy Earth Day
  78. Greenpeace Founder Now Supports Nuclear Power
  79. Rough Fishing Damages Nordic Sea Floor Habitat
  80. Wildlife is Down by One-Third
  81. Species Thrive When Sexual Dimorphism Broadens Their Niches
  82. North Pole Could Be Ice-Free This Summer
  83. Prepare for New Ice Age
  84. Scientists Expose Mystery Behind Northern Lights
  85. How Long Will Life Survive on Earth?
  86. Europe's Greenest Building Takes Shape on Lake Geneva
  87. Global Warming vs Other Environmental Hazards
  88. Are We Ready For Black Hole On Earth?
  89. World Geology Congress in Oslo
  90. Possible Clue to Life Found in Arctic Ocean
  91. Domestication Lowers Intelligence - Except for Dogs
  92. The Entire Mammal Family Tree
  93. Cave of Crystals Discovered 1,000 ft Below a Mexican Desert
  94. Nationalism and the Environment
  95. Earth Observatory: Natural Hazards
  96. 'Urgent Action Needed' to Curb Acid Oceans
  97. Who's Afraid of the Saxon Wolf?
  98. Spend More on Trees and Less on Roads!
  99. Could Global Warming Help the West?
  100. 'Nazi' Heck Cattle Being Bred Back!
  101. Catastrophic Climate Future: Are We That Stupid?
  102. Giant Trees Once Grew in Iceland’s West Fjords
  103. New Forest Discovery Thought Be One of Oldest Ever Made in UK
  104. Rivers/Lakes/Seas/Oceans or Other Water Bodies Close to Your Area
  105. Please Sign Petition to Permanently Ban the Sale of Ivory
  106. Greens Say Immigration Bad for Environment
  107. How "Green" Are You?
  108. The 15 Most Toxic Places to Live
  109. Deforestation, the True Cost of Europe's Cheap Meat
  110. The Earth May Get A New Ocean!
  111. What´s Your Favourite Natural Enviroment?
  112. Species' Extinction Threat Grows
  113. China Threatens World Health by Unleashing Waves of Superbugs
  114. The Degeneracy Thesis
  115. Mount Thor -The Greatest Vertical Drop on Earth!
  116. Icebergs Carved by the Forces of Nature Photographed Off the Coast of Antarctica
  117. UN to Look at Climate-Meat Link
  118. Pretty Lizard (New Species)
  119. Nature Loss 'to Damage Economies'
  120. Norwegian Oil Spill Aid Not Welcomed by the US -- Even Though Being More Environmentally Friendly
  121. Another Animal Preserve Wiped Out by Blacks
  122. Census Uncovers Oceans' Deep Secrets
  123. Why the Turtles Are Going Extinct!!!
  124. Over 3 Million Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in the Cayman Islands
  125. Evidence of Significant Damage from BP Oil Spill
  126. That Snow Outside is What Global Warming Looks Like
  127. Global Warming to Blame for Colder Winters
  128. Evolution: Life on Earth is One Big Extended Family
  129. New Melt Record for Greenland Ice Sheet (w/ Video)
  130. Oceans Are 30% More Acidic Than 260 Years Ago.
  131. Fox 'May Have Been Prehistoric Man's Best Friend'
  132. Why Dire Climate Warnings Boost Scepticism
  133. A Gallery of Species Lost and On the Brink
  134. The European Parliament is Tightening Up on Electronic Waste Policies
  135. Climate Commitment: Greenhouse Warming Masked by Past Pollution
  136. New, Environmentally Questionable Drilling Method (called Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking) Opens Vast Oil Fields in US
  137. Few Bears and Wolves in Austria
  138. Various Estimates of Greenland Ice Loss "...finds a Clear Signal of Accelerating Ice Loss."
  139. Rising Oil Prices Should Be a Catalyst for Decarbonisation
  140. Climate Change: Arctic Warming Pushes Winter Weather Further South in to America, Europe and Asia
  141. As Climate Warms We Can Expect More Snowfall... Until It's Too Hot For Heavy Snows
  142. Carbon Cycle and Water Cycle
  143. Small Farmer Stands Up to Monsanto, Wins Both Times.
  144. Nearly a Decade Ago, NASA Built an Earth-monitoring Satellite That Could Have Observed Global Warming in Action. Then the Agency Stashed It in a Wareh
  145. MIT Professor Touts First 'practical' Artificial Leaf, Signs Deal with Tata to Show Up Real Plants
  146. EU to Ban Gasoline and Diesel Cars from Cities by 2050
  147. Can We Capture All of the World's Carbon Emissions?
  148. 97-98% of Climate Scientists Believe in Climate Change and the Remaining 2-3% Are Not Credible Climate Scientists
  149. "The Great Earthquakes That Accompany the Incremental Slip of Plates into the Earth's Mantle Occur on Segments That May Rupture Singly or in Combinati
  150. Researchers Have Discovered a Unique and Rather Weird Example of a Plant Living Inside an Animal.
  151. Unusual Northern Winter Puts Ozone Hole Above the Arctic
  152. If Plants Generate Magnetic Fields, They're Not Sayin'
  153. Europe Faces Drought and Flood Burden: Climate Scientist
  154. Yellowstone Supervolcano Fed by Bigger Plume
  155. Climate Change Affects Tectonic Plate Movement, Causing Earthquakes: Study
  156. A Single Source for Clean Water and Fuel
  157. Climate Change from Black Carbon Depends on Altitude
  158. "The Planet Will Be Unrecognizable by the End of This Century" - Joe Romm, on Ultimate Effects of Climate Change
  159. Are Businesses Who Advertise That They Are "Green" Really Helping the Environment?
  160. Humpback Whales May Use the Position of the Stars to Guide Their 10,000 Mile Journeys
  161. Scientists Working to Create "wilder" Plants to Feed Growing Earth Population
  162. Scientists Urge Greater Protection for Arctic As Ice Recedes
  163. Top Climate Scientist On Killer Tornadoes: 'It Is Irresponsible Not To Mention Climate Change'
  164. Tropical Birds Moving North to the UK
  165. The Carbon Dioxide We Pump into the Air is Seeping into the Oceans and Slowly Acidifying Them.
  166. Scientists Befuddled by Dolphin Deaths, Diseased Fish. (An Obvious Link to the BP Gulf Oil Disaster?)
  167. EU Unveils Plans to Pay Fishermen to Catch Plastic
  168. Costa Rica- 99% of Power from Renewables- and Aiming to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030
  169. Swedish Insect Shoots Larvae into Victims' Eyes
  170. The Nation's Top Scientists Are Getting Fed Up with Being Asked to Write Climate Change Reports Which Are then Ignored.
  171. Amazon Deforestation Increases Six-fold
  172. What if the Dinosuars Never Went Extinct?
  173. Fungi Reduce Need for Fertilizer in Agriculture
  174. Is Climate Change Causing the Record-Breaking Tornadoes & Floods?
  175. Current Carbon Dioxide Emission Higher Than It Was Just Before Ancient Episode of Severe Global Warming
  176. The World Is Consuming More Oil Than It Produces, And Survived 2010 By Drawing Down Reserves
  177. Oceans on Brink of Catastrophe: Marine Life Facing Mass Extinction
  178. On The Origin of Species: Going Online, Darwin's Scrawled Notes Which Provide Clues
  179. Toxic Seawater Fraud
  180. Dinosaurs Were Hot-blooded Creatures, Claim Scientists
  181. Brazil: Researcher Finds Bioluminescent Fungus Not Seen Since 1840
  182. Polarbear is Descended from a Brown Bear Living in Ireland During the Last Ice Age
  183. Trees Proven to Retain Genetic Memory of Their Native Environment
  184. New Exploration Shows Parts of North Atlantic Seabed Were Once Above Sea Level
  185. Ocean's Carbon Dioxide Uptake Reduced by Climate Change
  186. Scientists Based in Scotland Decode the Full DNA Sequence of the Potato, One of the World's Most Important Staple Crops, for the First Time.
  187. Dramatic Climate Swings Likely As World Warms: Ancient El Niño Clue to Future Floods
  188. Did Greenhouse Gases Unleash the Dinosaurs?
  189. Farming and the Fate of Wild Nature
  190. 20 Million-Year Ancient Ape in Volcano
  191. Australian Climate Scientist: "The Murdoch Media Empire Has Cost Humanity Perhaps One or Two Decades in Battle Against Climate Change."
  192. Polar Climate Change May Lead to Ecological Change
  193. The Red Squirrels of Brownsea Island
  194. No Simultaneous Warming of Northern and Southern Hemispheres As a Result of Climate Change for 20,000 Years
  195. World Headed for Irreversible Climate Change in Five Years, IEA Warns
  196. Western Black Rhino Declared Extinct
  197. 10 Weird Facts You Did Not Know
  198. Ravens Are the Only Species Other Than Apes Who Can 'Point' and Share Objects Like Humans
  199. Woolly Mammoth to Be Cloned
  200. Helping Your Fellow Rat: Rodents Show Empathy-driven Behavior
  201. Climate Change is Causing Our Oceans to Become Increasingly Acidic, Threatening to Alter Life As We Know It.
  202. Rise of New Species.
  203. Carbon Dioxide Affecting Fish Brains: Study
  204. Comparing Energy Conversion of Plants and Solar Cells
  205. NASA Video Illustrates 130 Years of Global Warming, Hansen Expects New Global Temperature Record Within 3 Years
  206. Scientists Drilling Through More Than Two Miles of Ice to Reach 20-million-year-old Subglacial Lake in Antarctica Haven't Been Heard from in Six Days
  207. Amazonian Mushroom Eats Indestructible Plastics
  208. Africa's Black Rhino Goes Extinct
  209. Heartland Institute Exposed: Internal Documents Unmask Heart of Climate Denial Machine
  210. Genocide of Fish Through Diversity - Species Start Merging Together!
  211. 20 Million Years Old Antarctic Lake Drilled
  212. Scandinavian Trees 'Survived Last Ice Age'
  213. The Giant Prehistoric Snake That Stalked the Earth
  214. Ravens Remember and Greet You Accordingly
  215. 24 Hours to Save the Bees
  216. Signals of Natural Selection Found in Recent Human Evolution
  217. Environmentalism Has Failed
  218. Warming Turns Tundra to Forest
  219. Protecting Many Species to Help Our Own
  220. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funding Research into Bracelets That Track Mental, Emotional Responses
  221. The Primeval Code: Ecological Alternative to Genetic Engineering!
  222. The Last of The Pinta Island Tortoises
  223. Climate in Northern Europe Has Been Cooling for 2000 Years
  224. Siberian Tigers Kill White Bengal Tiger in Chinese Zoo
  225. The Idea of Planet-wide Environmental Boundaries, Beyond Which Humanity Would Go at Its Peril, is Gaining Ground
  226. The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear
  227. Documentary - "Home": Humanity's Impact on the Earth
  228. Inside the Post-Soviet Towns Built Around a 40,000-Foot Hole
  229. Genomic and Archaeological Evidence Suggests a Dual Origin of Domestic Dogs
  230. Young People 'Care About Environment but Do Nothing'
  231. 'Pristine' Landscapes Haven't Existed for Thousands of Years Due to Human Activity
  232. Synergistic Roles of Climate Warming and Human Occupation in Patagonian Megafaunal Extinctions During the Last Deglaciation
  233. Mystery Bugs Rain Down On Colorado Neighborhood
  234. Timing and Causes of Mid-Holocene Mammoth Extinction on St. Paul Island, Alaska
  235. Meet Luca, the Ancestor of All Living Things
  236. Oldest Living Vertebrate is a 500 Year Old Greenland Shark.
  237. Morphological Evidence Supports Dryolestoid Affinities for the Living Australian Marsupial Mole Notoryctes
  238. The Guardian View on Granny Orcas: Nothing to Do with Humans
  239. Scientists Finally Found Zenkerella, the World’s Most Mysterious Mammal
  240. Evidence for Herbivorous Cave Bears (Ursus Spelaeus) in Goyet Cave, Belgium
  241. A Mammoth Undertaking: Harnessing Insight from Functional Ecology to Shape De-extinction Priority Setting
  242. Oldest Fossils on Earth Discovered in 3.7bn-year Old Greenland Rocks
  243. Ravens Give Wolves a Reason to Live in Packs
  244. Interspecific Interactions Between the Common Raven and the Gray Wolf in Yellowstone National Park
  245. The Lunar Clock
  246. BBC to Air Aquatic Theory of Human Evolution
  247. Old Tjikko: 9,558-Year-Old Norway Spruce
  248. Weather and War - 3 Ways That Weather Changed the Course of History
  249. World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That's Cheaper Than Wind
  250. The Tauros Programme