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  1. North African mtDNA
  2. mtDNA Genetic Analysis in Sicily (Italy)
  3. mtDNA study - Neandertal/Cro-magnon
  4. mtDNA Haplogroup Distribution Among Individual Nations
  5. mtDNA of Poles and Russians
  6. Hungarian mtDNA and Y-chromosome markers
  7. Non-caucasoid admixture (mtDNA) in Northern Europe
  8. Autosomal DNA, Y-chromosome and mtDNA diversity in Amerinds
  9. South Slavs are Northern Europeans in terms of mtDNA
  10. More info on Slavic mtDNA (for Dienekes)
  11. Sardinia mtDNA analysis
  12. mtDNA in Tuscany (Centre of the Etruscan Civilization)
  13. Mitochondrial DNA Variability in Bosnians and Slovenians
  14. Mitochondrial DNA variability in Russians and Ukrainians
  15. Mitochondrial DNA variability in Poles and Russians
  16. Phylogeography of Human Mitochondrial Haplogroup L3e: A Snapshot of African Prehistory and Atlantic Slave Trade
  17. mtDNA Sequences Show Multidirectional Gene Flow in the Western Mediterranean
  18. Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Diversity in a Sedentary Population from Egypt
  19. Diversity of mtDNA lineages in Portugal
  20. mtDNA Variation in Three Populations from São Tomé e Príncipe
  21. MtDNA from extinct Tainos
  22. Mitochondrial DNA in Italian Venetians
  23. mtDNA of the Cabo Verde
  24. Norwegian mtDNA and Y chromosome
  25. mtDNA in Russia shows Uralic Admixture
  26. Where West Meets East: The Complex mtDNA Landscape of the Southwest and Central Asian Corridor
  27. African mtDNA and Bantu expansion
  28. Greenland Eskimos mtDNA
  29. MtDNA Lineages and Race Mixing in Portugal
  30. What is Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)?
  31. Phylogenetic Network for European mtDNA
  32. mtDNA Analysis Reveals a Major Late Paleolithic Population Expansion from Southwestern to Northeastern Europe
  33. Analysis of Icelandic mtDNA and Y
  34. mitochondrial DNA control region sequences in the Lithuanian population.
  35. mtDNA Slovenia
  36. mtDNA of Bologna (Italy).
  37. Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in the French population.
  38. mtDNA haplogroup X: An ancient link between Europe/Western Asia and North America?
  39. Nonauthentic Mitochondrial Sequences
  40. mtDNA analysis of the Galician population ( abstract)
  41. Ethnic variation in the mitochondrial targeting sequence polymorphism of MnSOD
  42. mtDNA Analysis Basques : Haplogroup V as a Marker for a Major Paleolithic Expansion
  43. Mitochondrial DNA sequence diversity in bipolar affective disorder
  44. Y-chromosome and mtDNA polymorphisms in Iraq
  45. mtDNA in the Lithuanian population
  46. Mitochondrial Lineages in Ladin-Speaking Communities of the Eastern Alps
  47. mtDNA polymorphisms in five French groups (abstrc)
  48. Mitochondrial diversity in linguistic isolates of the Alps
  49. Finnish mtDNA haplogroups
  50. Mitochondrial DNA of Russians and neighbouring people
  51. The 2000-2001 GEP-ISFG Collaborative Exercise on mtDNA
  52. Clinical and molecular studies in three Portuguese mtDNA T8993G families
  53. Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in the Vietnamese population
  54. The curious history of yeast mitochondrial DNA.
  55. Mitochondrial DNA and IQ in Europe
  56. The results of an mtDNA study of 1,200 inhabitants of a German village
  57. Mitochondrial DNA in the Central European population
  58. Expanding the forensic German mitochondrial DNA control region database
  59. Mitochondrial diversity of a northeast German population sample.
  60. Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in Greeks
  61. Sequence polymorphism of the mitochondrial DNA control region in Slovenians
  62. Location and frequency of polymorphic positions in the mtDNA control region - DE
  63. Forensic evaluation of mtDNA in a population from south west Switzerland.
  64. mtDNA from the Neanderthal
  65. Mitochondrial DNA variation and the origin of the Europeans.
  66. Georgian and Kurd mtDNA Sequence Analysis
  67. A Signal, from Human mtDNA, of Postglacial Recolonization in Europe
  68. Geographical structuring in the mtDNA of Italians.
  69. Evidence for mtDNA admixture between the Finns and the Saami
  70. Phylogeographic differentiation of mitochondrial DNA in Han Chinese.
  71. The Evidence of mtDNA Haplogroup F in a European Population and its Ethnohistoric Implications
  72. mtDNA affinities of the peoples of North-Central Mexico.
  73. Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms associated with longevity
  74. Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in northern Greece.(abs)
  75. MtDNA haplogroups in the populations of Croatian Adriatic Islands.(abs)
  76. Diversity of mitochondrial DNA lineages in South Siberia.
  77. Variability of mitochondrial DNA in a population sample from Iceland.
  78. Geographic patterns of mtDNA diversity in Europe.
  79. mtDNA Mapping in N Eastern Europe
  80. Mitochondrial DNA D-loop hypervariable regions: Czech population data
  81. Rapid screening of mtDNA coding region SNPs for the identification of WEC haplogroups
  82. Major Genomic Mitochondrial Lineages Delineate Early Human Expansions
  83. Mitochondrial DNA heterogeneity in Tunisian Berbers.(ab)
  84. Mitochondrial DNA variations in Russian and Belorussian populations.(ab)
  85. An Annotated mtDNA Database
  86. mtDNA from Silk Road Region in China
  87. [SOLVED] Non-Caucasoid Amixture (mtDNA) in Northern Slavs
  88. The Molecular Dissection of mtDNA Haplogroup H Confirms That the Franco-Cantabrian Glacial Refuge Was a Major Source for the European Gene Pool
  89. Mitochondrial DNA Variation In Russians, Ukrainians And Iranians
  90. Mitochondrial DNA Affinities at the Atlantic Fringe of Europe
  91. Guanche mtDNA: Are the Guanches White People?
  92. Mitochondrial haplogroups M, BM, N, J, K and their frequencies in Iran
  93. Negro and Mongol admixture (mtDNA) in the English
  94. mtDNA Recombination
  95. Northern Asia repopulated from Beringia and central Asia accroding to mtDNA analysis
  96. Genetic Evidence of Race Mixing in Italy: Sub-Saharan mtDNA Detected
  97. Mitochondrial DNA transit between West Asia and North Africa inferred from U6
  98. Diversity of Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups in Ethnic Populations of the Volga–Ural Region
  99. Comparison between the Polish Population and the European Populations on the Basis of Mitochondrial Morphs and Haplogroups
  100. Geographical Patterns in European Mitochondrial DNA
  101. An Ancient Balancing Act in Our Genes: Mitochondrial DNA Subject to Selection by Climate
  102. mtDNA and longevity in humans
  103. An Unexpected Mitochondrial DNA Link
  104. The Trans-Caucasus and the expansion of the Caucasoid specific mtDNA
  105. Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in the Polish Roma
  106. Human mitochondrial DNA diversity in an archaeological site in al-Andalus
  107. Family Tree of Mitochondrial Haplotypes
  108. Ethnic variation in the mitochondrial targeting sequence polymorphism of MnSOD.
  109. In situ origin of deep rooting lineages of mitochondrial Macrohaplogroup 'M' in India
  110. Traces of Early Eurasians in the Mansi of Northwest Siberia Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
  111. mtDNA and the Origin of the Icelanders
  112. mtDNA and the Islands of the North Atlantic
  113. MtDNA Markers in the British Isles
  114. Mongoloid MtDNA in Imperial-Era Italy
  115. MtDNA of Yemeni and Ethiopian Jews
  116. Ancient Nordic MtDNA
  117. MtDNA Haplogroup J?
  118. U7 mtDNA... Where on Earth Did This Come From...?
  119. MtDNA from Medieval North Wales
  120. Differentiation and Genetic Position of Slavs Among Eurasian Ethnic Groups As Inferred from Variation in Mitochondrial DNA
  121. European MtDNA in Mongolia and Lake Baikal Over 6,000 Years Old
  122. MtDNA Variation in the Viking Age Population of Norway
  123. Mtdna Explained?
  124. Feminine Racial Differences: European vs Asian