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  1. Genetics of Hair and Skin Color
  2. Antibody response to EBV - in populations living in Greenland
  3. Behavior Genetics
  4. Redhead gene may be hair today but gone tomorrow
  5. Hemochromatosis: Celtic X Viking origin of the mutation
  6. Viking Voyages: The Origin of Multiple Sclerosis?
  7. Importance of Genetic Effects for Characteristics of the Human Iris
  8. Arctic natives have DNA built for warmth
  9. Earlier Screening for Fetal Chromosomal Anomalies
  10. Genetic Basis of Cold Tolerance?
  11. Europeans immune to HIV
  12. Jewish Genetic Diseases
  13. Homosexuality: It's In Your Genes
  14. Ethnic Difference of Bone Mass
  15. Linkage Analysis In Psychiatric Disorders
  16. Redheads: (MC1R) gene on human pigmentation
  17. Influence of the Xand Y chromosomes on the size and shape of the dental arches
  18. Linkage of Osteoporosis to Chromosome 20p12 and Association to BMP2
  19. Risk for rheumatic disease in relation to ethnicity and admixture.
  20. P Gene as an Inherited Biomarker of Human Eye Color
  21. Dermatoglyphs in children with mitral valve prolapse (abstract)
  22. Genetic Disease and the Development of Human Genetics
  23. Arthritis Rheum
  24. Low prevalence of psychoses among the Hutterites
  25. Surname as 'Cancer Risk' in Croatia
  26. Family history of colorectal cancer in a Sweden county
  27. Genotype, obesity and cardiovascular disease
  28. Physical Activity, Energy Expenditure and Fitness
  29. Immunoglobulin allotypes (GM and KM) in Basques from Spain (abstract)
  30. Caffeine and Human DNA Metabolism: the Magic and the Mystery
  31. UV irradiation triggers ubiquitin-dependent degradation of p21(WAF1)
  32. Sequences associated with Human Iris Pigmentation
  33. Fragile X founder effect among the mentally retarded population of Andalusia
  34. The Celtic Curse: Irish Descendants at Higher Risk of Hereditary Hemochromatosis
  35. Chances a child has to born with light eyes
  36. Molecular biology of myopia.
  37. TGFbeta-induced factor: a candidate gene for high myopia.
  38. Evidence that a Locus for Familial High Myopia Maps to Chromosome 18p
  39. A second locus for familial high myopia maps to chromosome 12q.
  40. Genes Unravel Mystery of Schizophrenia
  41. Correlation of Psychosis and Academic Performance
  42. Hair and Eye - My family
  43. Project to search for autism gene
  44. PAX6 Gene Linked to Short-Sightedness
  45. Genes and Discrimination
  46. New Evidence That Race Differences in Cancer Are Genetic
  47. Epigenetics: "Fetal Programming"
  48. "Running's in our genes," Campbells say
  49. The Genetics of Sun Sensitivity in Humans
  50. Is Infidelity Genetic?
  51. Junk DNA Controls Embryos
  52. Dolphins May be able to Change Human DNA
  53. Eye Color 1; Eycl1 (A PolygenicTrait)
  54. Haplogroup J, LHON and cardiovascular disease
  55. Floppy Baby Syndrome
  56. Faith-Boosting Genes: A Search for the Genetic Basis of Spirituality
  57. Artificially Turning Eyes Blue?
  58. 'Ethnic drug' raises fears over race and genetics
  59. 'God gene' discovered by scientist behind gay DNA theory
  60. Genetic Mutation: World's First Superboy is German
  61. Genetic Factors Influence Female Infidelity
  62. Endurance running is in East Africans' genes
  63. Racial Disparities Noted In Immune System Genes
  64. Nordic Genetics and Personality Traits
  65. enome Fills Crucial Knowledge Gap
  66. The War Against Cancer Focuses on a Key Gene (p53)
  67. Duplicate Immune Genes Ward Off AIDS
  68. Does Chemotherapy produce a Genes Shift?
  69. Neurofibromatosis type 1: one of the most common human autosomal dominant disorders
  70. Multiracial patients have tough battle to find marrow matches
  71. Finno-Ugric Genes and Alcohol?
  72. Discovery Could Help Prevent and Treat Diseases Among Groups
  73. DNA Map to Help Target New Drugs
  74. Germans Discover the Cabbage-Hating Gene
  75. Scientists Find DNA Region That Affects Europeans' Fertility
  76. More Scientific Evidence for Racial Differences in Disease
  77. Medieval Plague May Explain Resistance to HIV
  78. Curing Obesity through Sterility: California 's Controversial Program Under the Microscope
  79. Nordish Genes and Disease Immunity
  80. SLC25A12 Gene Increases Risk of Autism
  81. 12-Year-Old Maryland Girl Has Not Aged inYears
  82. Race-based Medicine Confirms Genetic Differences
  83. FDA to approve Medicine for Blacks only?
  84. Political leanings may be etched in the genes
  85. Are Certain Prejudices Genetic?
  86. Northern European AIDS Immunity
  87. How Do You Feel? Probably a Lot Like Your Parents
  88. Sickle Cell Disorder
  89. Fear Factor Gene Discovered
  90. Cell Biology: The Secret Life of Sperm
  91. Dupuytren's Contracture (aka "Viking Disease")
  92. Obesity and SIM1 gene disruption
  93. The food you eat may change your genes for life
  94. SLC24A5 Gene Determines Human Skin Color Variation
  95. Genetic Disorders at Birth: The Hidden Toll of Dying and Disabled Children
  96. Mother's Curse: the Effect of mtDNA on Individual Fitness and Population Viability
  97. Regional Distribution of Mutations of the ATP7B Gene in Patients with Wilson Disease
  98. Gene That Shuts Down Immune System Found In 20% Of People Of African Descent
  99. Global Phenotypic Variation in Personality Traits
  100. A Revolutionary Approach to Biomarker Discovery
  101. Genetic Variability and the Formation of Social Norms: The Case of European Alcohol Consumption
  102. CYP2A6 Gene Linked to Heavy Smoking
  103. Human Sexual Behavior: Randiness 'is all in the genes'
  104. Positive Selection in Genes Associated with Human Skin Pigmentation
  105. Genetics Have Proven It: Your Eyes Depict Your Personality!
  106. Link Found Between Genetics And Intelligence
  107. Gene regulation, not just genes, is what sets humans apart
  108. Are Gray Eyes the Same as Blue in Terms of Genetics?
  109. Do Blacks Have Genetic Weakness to Asthma?
  110. What Do You Think of Sociobiology?
  111. Genetic Variations Show That Men and Women Think Differently
  112. In Our Genes, Old Fossils Take On New Roles
  113. Specific Gene Found In Adolescent Men With Delinquent Peers
  114. Whites Genetically Weaker Than Blacks, Study Finds
  115. Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH)
  116. Amish APOC3 Gene Mutation 'Limits Heart Disease'
  117. Blood Type Decide Resistance to HIV
  118. Asian Longevity Gene Found in Europeans
  119. Culture May Be Encoded in DNA
  120. DNA Swap Could Cure Inherited Diseases
  121. Genes Drive Behaviour, But Culture Can Select Genes: Study
  122. Identical But Genetically Different (and Why You Can Thank Your Mother for Your IQ)
  123. A Gene for Alzheimer's Makes You Smarter
  124. List of Psychological & Neurological Traits and Their Associated Genes
  125. 'Warrior Gene' Predicts Aggressive Behavior After Provocation
  126. Don't Blame Lefties, It's In Their Genes! (Gene DRD4)
  127. Resurrecting the So-Called 'Depression Gene'
  128. Why/How Does the Blond-Born Childrens' Hair Usually Grow Darker As They Get Older?
  129. Advice Vs. Experience: Genes Predict Learning Style
  130. Genetic 'Green Light' Could Lead to a Cure for Hundreds of Ills
  131. Do You Have the 'Morning Person' Gene?
  132. 40% of IQ Differences Among Preschoolers Stems from Genetic Differences
  133. IQ Matters: Understanding Your World So As to Predict the Future
  134. In the Genes, but Which Ones? Studies That Linked Specific Genes to Intelligence Were Largely Wrong, Experts Say
  135. Geneticists, Biologists, and the Impossible Bio-"Medical" Models of "Psychiatric Disorders"
  136. Genetic Similarity Promotes Cooperation
  137. First Intelligence Gene Discovered
  138. Genetically Modified Babies
  139. Chinese Scientists to Trial Revolutionary Gene-editing Technique on Cancer Patients
  140. Genetic Markers of Human Evolution Are Enriched in Schizophrenia
  141. MIT Biological Engineers Have Devised a Way to Record Complex Histories in the DNA of Human Cells, Allowing Them to Retrieve “memories” of Past Events
  142. Obesity Linked to Low IQ
  143. Dysgenic Effects of Modern Civilisation
  144. Immunity and Tolerance to Most Drugs and Substances
  145. Why is Left-handedness Relatively Uncommon in Human Beings?
  146. Human Biological and Psychological Diversity
  147. Are Redheads Genetically 'Jihadists'?
  148. Air Pollution Impacts Intelligence
  149. Gene-silencing: 'New class' of medicine reverses disease porphyria
  150. Genetics May Explain 25% of Same-Sex Behavior
  151. 50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women