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  1. The Magic Mushrooms Thread
  2. The Temple of the Black Sun
  3. Wilhelm Landig Before Thule
  4. "The Ram of God" - Thulean (meta)history by Joseph Kerrick
  5. H.P Blavatsky's "Aryan race"
  6. Scotland's Ancient Magical Circles
  7. Interesting documentary concerning the Thulean myhtos
  8. Stonehenge was the Lourdes of the Ancient World for Pilgrims
  9. The Knowledge of God amongst the Early Pagans
  10. Save the Hill of Tara!
  11. Black Sun and the Irminsul
  12. Stonehenge was a site for sore eyes in 2300BC
  13. Thulean Sentience
  14. Ancient Aryan Widow Sacrifice
  15. Hinduism: One God or Many?
  16. Solar Cosmology of the Indo-Europeans
  17. Who are the most Aryan?
  18. The Summer Solstice in Latvian Tradition
  19. Celtic Gods and Heros
  20. 4,000-year-old Seahenge Wooden Circle to rise again in 2008
  21. The Two Suns
  22. The Warrior, Neo-Brahminism, Asceticism [split from 'Hitler's Drugged Soldiers']
  23. New Perspectives on Hyperborea and the "Magnetic Isles"
  24. The 'Song of the Ancient Linden': Franconian Prophecy Concerning Germany´s Future
  25. The Secret of Eurasia: The Key to Hidden History and World Events
  26. Adolf Hitler The Last Avatar
  27. Greek Neo-Pagans attacked by Church and State
  28. The Gods of the Gaels
  29. New Ariosophic Community
  30. Himmler's secret quest to locate the 'Aryan Holy Grail'
  31. Alchemical Secrets of The Lord of the Rings
  32. New Physics: Mini-Black Hole as Saturn-Like...
  33. Meditation on the Doctrine of the Four Ages
  34. Folkish Celtic Heathenry
  35. The Finlandic Metaphyics of Death and the Soul
  36. Cause of Islamic Terrorism [Swami Vivekananda]
  37. Debate on the Anti-Hindu Book 'Oh You Hindu Awake'
  38. Understanding Aryan Wisdom
  39. The Story of Germany and Intergalactic Culture
  40. Arya Samaj: Reviving Pure Vedic Religion
  41. Building Your Very Own Burial Mound!
  42. The 23 Enigma
  43. Dreamy Lunar Eclipse
  44. The Swastika and Dharma
  45. The Religion of the Nazis
  46. "The Religion of the Ancient Greeks", by Mary Lefkowitz
  47. Brahminism (Vedism): The Primordial Aryan Religion
  48. Alfred Rosenberg: 'Race, Soul and Indo-Aryan Religion'
  49. Astrology: Planetary Attributes and Correspondences
  50. The Wewelsburg, Westphalia
  51. Against Theosophy
  52. Worship at Zeus's "Birthplace" Predates the Greek God
  53. The Religion of the Strong (by Savitri Devi Mukherji)
  54. Do You Meditate or Pray?
  55. Comprehensive Site on Greek Mythology
  56. Mithraism as a Graeco-Roman Base for the Germanic Ethnogenesis
  57. Stonehenge Was a Burial Site for Centuries
  58. Ingleizm
  59. Excerpts from 'The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung'
  60. Commandments of Perun and Lada the Mother-Goddess
  61. Whats your Vedic Astrological number?
  62. The Anastenaria: Ancient Ecstatic Fire-Walking Ritual of Greece
  63. On the Intellect and Initiation
  64. Slavo-Aryan Vedas: Migration after the Ice Age and Destruction of Atlantis
  65. On Alchemical Clarification
  66. Adams, George - Souls of the Nations (1938)
  67. Will Atlantis Never Be Found?
  68. A Roman View of the Celtic Gods of Gaul
  69. Vedic Messianism and Kali Yuga
  70. Passage Graves of Denmark, from an Astronomical Perspective
  71. Glastonbury: England’s Oldest Sacred Landscape?
  72. Avebury-Stonehenge: a Scale Model of Atlantis?
  73. Germanic Names for the Stars?
  74. Sami Paganism?
  75. Gnostic Origins of Alfred Rosenberg's Thought
  76. Hyperborean Origin of the Aryan Race
  77. The Growth of “Wiccanism”
  78. The Thracian Edon (Greek Garden of Eden)
  79. The Reality of Reincarnation
  80. The Trinity and the Indo-European Tripartite Worldview
  81. See Solar Calendars in Petrified National Forest
  82. Where to Find the Authentic Aryan Spirituality?
  83. Neo-Paganism in the Public Square and Its Relevance to Judaism
  84. Reincarnation and the Third Reich
  85. The Nazi Connection with Shambhala and Tibet
  86. Norse Rune Symbols and the Third Reich
  87. 'Anti-Cosmic Chaos Gnosticism', Etc.
  88. Thule - The Cradle of National Socialism
  89. The Sun Religion of the Nazis and Its Purpose
  90. [SOLVED] ies Between Continental Germanic and Slavic Mythology?
  91. Mystery Schools and Secret Societies in the Ancient Germanic World?
  92. The Primordial Nordic-Solar Tradition
  93. Ape-Like Humanoids in the Ramayana?
  94. Honeybees Are Found to Interact with Quantum Fields
  95. Supermoon on March 19, 2011
  96. Holy Vehm: My Journey into a Real Secret Society
  97. Baron Ungern von Sternberg venerated in Mongolian Temples
  98. How Do You Feel About Psychedelic Drug Use?
  99. The Religion of the ϟϟ, by ϟϟ-Obergruppenführer Fritz Weitzel
  100. Mystical Weapons
  101. The Sacred Fire for European Tribal Remembrance
  102. Atlantis... What's Your Take on It?
  103. The Secret Language of Birthdays - Accurate Description of Personality Based on Astrology
  104. Igor Witkowski - Interview über Die "Glocke"
  105. Bodmin Moor - The Unknown Astronomical Complex
  106. An Occult Capital, Embracing the New World Order While Celebrating the Most Ancient Religion Known to Man: Sun Worship...
  107. Germanic Occultists Persecuted by the Nazis
  108. Third Reich UFO Technology & Die Rückfahrt..
  109. Against the Neo-Pagans - The Misunderstandings of the New "Paganism" (Evola, 1942)
  110. Dark Supermoon Tomorrow: New Moon Gets Closest to Earth
  111. Early Celtic 'Stonehenge' Located in Black Forest
  112. How Old is Irminism?
  113. Proto-Indo-European and Vedic Religion
  114. Ancient Germanic Calendars and Astronomical Cycles
  115. Could our Cultures be the Result of the Collective Racial Unconscious?
  116. Our Ancestors and Racial Consciousness
  117. Arkaim - Cradle of Aryan Civilization?
  118. Occult NS Annual Event: 1936-39 Night of the Amazons ("Nacht der Amazonen")
  119. Nazi Fascination With Ancient India: The Case of Heinrich Himmler
  120. Pythagoras and the Greco-Roman Theology
  121. Swedish Stonehenge? Ancient Stone Structure Spurs Debate
  122. Are Pagan Gods Demons?
  123. The Aryan Vedic Religion
  124. The Megalithic Portal on Google Earth!
  125. Miguel Serrano - Lucifer and the White Gods
  126. Your Favourite Occult and Esoteric Books
  127. White Order Of Thule
  128. The Ley Line of Beachy Head in East Sussex
  129. Does Historic Vedism Still Exist?
  130. Hy-Brasil, Geographic Anomaly and Home of The High King of the World: Why Does Atlantis Get All the Good Gigs?
  131. The Atlantic Religion: A 'Prisca Theologia' of European Paganism
  132. Afterlife and Celtic Concepts of the Otherworld
  133. Nature and Ethnicity In East European Paganism: An Environmental Ethic of the Religious Right?
  134. On Indo-European Cosmic Structure
  135. The Space/Time Coordinates of European Cosmology
  136. Red As Blood, White As Snow, Black As Crow: Chromatic Symbolism of Womanhood in Fairy Tales
  137. Burchard's Strigae, the Witches' Sabbath and Shamanistic Cannibalism in Early Modern Europe
  138. Adolf Hitler: The Occult Messiah
  139. Racial Ethnography in Waldorf Schools (Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy)
  140. Rudolf Steiner Quotes on Race
  141. Esoteric Kekism, or Kek As a Bodhisattva of Racial Enlightenment
  142. Iranian Elements in Germanic Religion
  143. The Deicidal Otherworld Weapon in Celtic and Germanic Mythic Tradition
  144. Restoring the Indo-European Religion: Zoroastrianism, Germanic Paganism, & Rune Magic
  145. The German Occult Revival [Red Ice TV]
  146. Zarathustra's Indo-European Legacy
  147. The Sacred Drink and Other Links Between Indian, Iranian, Greek, Celtic and Norse Mythology
  148. How to Create A Sigil to Manifest Your Deepest Desires
  149. Sacrifice in Alexander Before the Battle of Gaugamela
  150. Vikings as Majus / Maga or "Heathen Zoroastrians"
  151. Buddhism as Brahmanism
  152. The Ancient Story of Genesis as Known to the Primitive Aryans of India
  153. Reconstructing Details of the PIE Dragon-Combat
  154. Comparative Indo-European Religion (2016)
  155. Zarathustra's Indo-European Legacy - The Persian Influence on Western Civilization
  156. The Alcis: the Divine Twins Among the Germanic Peoples
  157. Indigenous European Spirituality Encoded in the Folk Tradition
  158. The Fairy Faith: An Ancient Indigenous Religion
  159. Offerings to Gods and Ancestors: The Basics
  160. Solar Stones of the Goths in Gotland
  161. Black Sun Unveiled
  162. Sun Worship
  163. Himmler and the Search for Icelandic Origins
  164. English Translation of Ostara Magazine?
  165. Sakro Sawel - Who is Odin?
  166. Esoteric Crows and Mystical Ravens
  167. Kali Yuga - Are We There Yet?
  168. Atlantis Discovered?
  169. Witchcraft and Sorcery in Iceland
  170. The Lost Island of Atlantis Revealed
  171. The Celtic Gods Esus and Dispater
  172. Sexual Continence
  173. Bardic Philosophy
  174. 'Indo-Germanic Faith' [from: The Nordic Foundations of Europe - Der Schulungsbrief, Feb. 1935]
  175. Natural vs Judaized Civilizations – Religion & Economy in Antiquity
  176. Haunted Burial Monds of Exmoor
  177. The Proto-Indo-European God
  178. The Jewel-Bearing Tree
  179. The Bardic Race
  180. Egyptian and Celtic Ideas of Immortality: the Megalithic Connection
  181. Lycanthropy Among the Ancients
  182. Das Gott of the Ancient Teutons
  183. The Northern European Thunder God
  184. Friedrich Bernard Marby: A Translation of "Aufrassungs-Plätze. Am Tor zum Runen-Garten. Der „Thing-Platz“ und was er ist."
  185. Wotan-The Archetype of the Awakened Aryan Man
  186. Heinrich Himmler's Thor's Hammer Amulet
  187. Hitler, the Avatar of Wotan, Portrayed by Franz von Stuck
  188. Spiritual Lovemaking: Three Types of Godly Union