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  1. Dangers and Side Effects of Herbal Remedies, Supplements, Diet Pills, and Other Over the Counter Remedies
  2. Pine Pollen for Testosterone
  3. Ancient Herb Proven to be a Potential Cure for Alzheimer’s
  4. How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain
  5. Does Anyone Like Biathlon?!
  6. Full-Body Scanners at Airports: A Health Catastrophe
  7. Dark Chocolate Could Prevent Heart Problems in High-Risk People
  8. Losers Die Sooner: Cannabis 20x Deadlier Than Cigarette
  9. Avatar: The Russian Immortality Project
  10. Germ Theory And Depopulation
  11. Secret of Aging Found: Japanese Scientists Pave Way to Everlasting Life
  12. Weightlifting Performance Standards- Find Out How Strong You Are
  13. Cancer-causing Genetic Mutation?
  14. New Trend: Gyms Banning Slim Clients
  15. Alcohol Represented the “Gateway” Drug, Leading to the Use of Tobacco, Marijuana, and Other Illicit Substances
  16. Why We Sunburn
  17. Boxer Busted After Bloody Nose
  18. Bionic Eye Gives Vision to Blind
  19. Exercise is Essential but What You Eat and How Much is Most Important for Health!
  20. Live Longer Through Fasting?
  21. Former Model Battles Breast Cancer with Diet Changes
  22. Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet
  23. Viking Honey Mead Could Curb Antibiotic Resistance
  24. Everyone is on Heroin These Days
  25. In The New Globalized Diet, A Few Dozens Global Megafoods Rule
  26. Everyday Chemicals May Be Messing Up Our Microbiomes—but We Don’t Know
  27. Swiss Scientists Uncover 'Amazing' Anti-Aging Secret
  28. What to Eat for a Stronger Immune System
  29. Bald`s Leechbook: A Thousand-Year Old Anglo-Saxon Remedy Supposedly Kills Stye-Causing Superbug MRSA
  30. Blood Transfusions for Health?
  31. Aluminum Adjuvant in Vaccine
  32. Dry Eye Problems
  33. Vegetarian Blood More Effective At Killing Cancer Cells
  34. Fasting Diet 'Regenerates Diabetic Pancreas'
  35. Dawn of a New Age: The First Person to Reach 150 is Already Alive... and Soon We'll Live to Be a THOUSAND, Claims Scientist
  36. Magic Mushrooms Are 'Safest Drugs' Compared to LSD, Ecstasy & Cocaine – Study
  37. Tucker Carlson Exposed As Hypocrite by African Immigrant Doctor
  38. Threat to Whites: The Opioid Plague
  39. Tap Water from Around the World Contains Tiny Bits of Plastic, Survey Finds
  40. Why You Should Care About the Meat Industry
  41. Vaccine Expert: "We'll Just Get Rid of All the Whites"
  42. The Secretive Family Making Billions From The Opioid Crisis
  43. The History, Benefits, and Use of Standing Desks
  44. Marijuana Makes You a Leftist
  45. Profs Deride ‘Weight Loss’ as a ‘Western Value’
  46. HPV Vaccine For Teenage Boys in UK
  47. Tainted Vaccines In China - Slaughter Of Innocents Linked to Bill Gates
  48. New Non-Surgical Prostate Treatment
  49. 10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Walk Everyday
  50. How To Produce More Brain Cells – The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle
  51. Want to Live Longer? Don't Cut Out That Bread and Pasta
  52. Sperm Count Zero
  53. The Carnivore Diet
  54. “Safe” Plastics Have Same Cancer Risks as BPA – Chemicals that replaced BPA may be dangerous
  55. City Blocks 5G Cell Tower Implementation Over Claims that it Can Cause Cancer
  56. Why Are There So Many Cancers Now?
  57. How Rockefeller Founded Big Pharma And Waged War On Natural Cures
  58. ‘Spanish Flu’ Epidemic Kills More Than World War 1 - 100 Years Ago.
  59. Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
  60. You can die simply by giving up the will to live, says new research.
  61. Honey in Home Remedies
  62. Study Finds Human Feces Filled with Plastic
  63. The Truth About Soy Boys
  64. Half of Adults Do Zero Exercise
  65. The Obesity Epidemic
  66. The Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds
  67. How to Give a Great Oil Massage at Home
  68. Healthiest & Least Healthiest US States (2018)
  69. Do You Donate Your Blood?
  70. Large Study Concludes There Is No Healthy Amount of Alcohol
  71. Six Small Things That Are Messing With Your Sleep
  72. The mysterious influences of colours over human beings
  73. Sitting down too much can make you stupid – new research says a sedentary lifestyle alters areas of the brain linked to memory
  74. Cleaning Products As Damaging As Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day
  75. Swedish Professor Issues a Wake-Up Call on Electromagnetic Frequencies
  76. Health officials warn that cell phones cause brain cancer, headaches, low sperm count and impaired memory
  77. 23andMe's Pharma Deals
  78. Alzheimer’s Attack on the Brain May Vary with Race
  79. Obesity Linked to Lower Grey Matter
  80. Nevada Man Blinded, Paralyzed, and Nearly Died After Getting the Flu Shot
  81. Smartphone Addiction Related to Sugar, Narcotics, Alcohol, Pornography, Gambling Addictions
  82. Statins
  83. Orthorexia (Obsession with Eating Healthy)
  84. Locked-In Syndrome
  85. Allergic to Life
  86. Fruits and Vegetables Improve Lung Function: Just One Extra Serving Every Day Can Decrease Your Risk of Disease by 24%
  87. Benefits of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Versus Table Salt
  88. A Dark Night is Good for Your Health
  89. Eating Chocolate and Drinking Red Wine Could Help Prevent Aging, According to a Study
  90. 7 Amazing Benefits Of Cuddling
  91. Vitamin B12 Deficiency: A Trigger for Depression and Anxiety?
  92. Natural Aphrodisiacs
  93. Health Benefits of Turmeric
  94. Depression Isn’t A Choice, It’s A Kind Of Brain Damage
  95. Signs you may have Magnesium deficiency
  96. Herbs for healing the thyroid naturally
  97. The Pharmaceutical Takeover of Healthcare and the Suppression of Natural Cures
  98. Medicinal Plants to Prevent Mental Disorders
  99. Herbal and food-based alternatives to antibiotics that could save your life
  100. Revolt!
  101. When did food stop being food?
  102. Invisible Pollutants and the Tipping Point for Endocrine Disruption
  103. The Drug Trial That Went Wrong
  104. Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  105. Is AIDS On The Way Out?
  106. Sleep Deprivation Could Be Making You Unpopular and Lonely
  107. Rhubarb / Potent Anticancer Properties.
  108. Modern ‘Medicine’ Is the Greatest Failure of Our Time
  109. How many carbohydrates do you need to boost your mood?
  110. Citrus Fruits Fight Ulcers, Stomach Cancer
  111. What Happens To Your Lungs, Brain, Kidneys, Heart, Teeth and Mood When You Drink Diet Soda
  112. Nearly 1/3 of Early Deaths Could Be Prevented by Giving Up Meat, Says Harvard
  113. These toxins in our food almost certainly shouldn’t be there
  114. Goat cheese benefits, nutrition facts and recipes
  115. Benefits of Drinking
  116. HPV Vaccine Increases Infertility and Disease