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  1. Science Finding Ways to Regrow Fingers
  2. French government wants food warnings
  3. Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis
  4. Coffee doesn't make you more alert
  5. Fitness Has Fallen Since The Days Of Ancient Greece
  6. Internet Addiction Overcome by DNA...
  7. Broken Heart, no problem!!
  8. Hacking Your Body's Bacteria for Better Health
  9. "Longevity Gene": Who is for a longer life?
  10. Scientists Cure Cancer, but No One Takes Notice
  11. Doctors May Be Third Leading Cause of Death
  12. Chinese Toothpaste Checked for Toxins
  13. Globalization of Infectious Diseases
  14. Children as "Therapeutic Orphans"
  15. Medscape
  16. Dymaxion Sleep
  17. Shocking News About Meat
  18. Acai (Brazilian Berry) Destroys Cancer Cells in Lab
  19. The Benefits of Pomegranate Juice
  20. Devastating Effects of Soft Drinks - What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Coke Right Now?
  21. The Media's Quest for "Perfection"
  22. The physical culture
  23. Eating Disorders
  24. Probiotics for Cancer Prevention?
  25. 21's: Anyone Else Do These for Their Biceps?
  26. How much do you Squat and Deadlift?
  27. Ask The Doctor
  28. Do You Take Nutritional Supplements...?
  29. Simple Self-Care for Swollen Ankles and Feet
  30. What Nutrition Plan Are You On?
  31. Would You Want to Live Forever, If It Were Possible?
  32. Jogging close to congested roads
  33. Different Ethnicities At The Gym
  34. What's Your Weight?
  35. Calculate your Body Mass Index
  36. Stem Cell Breakthrough: Adult Cells Nearly Reprogrammed into Embryonic Cells
  37. Women - Tougher Than the Rest
  38. What do you think about mesothelioma affecting people woking in asbestos factories?
  39. Fat Acceptance Movement
  40. Healthy/Natural Living
  41. Have You Ever Undergone Surgery?
  42. Morgellon's to be studied
  43. Negative data on antidepressents shelved
  44. Girl switches blood type after liver transplant in first known case
  45. Multitasking Is Bad For Your Health
  46. Braces
  47. What is Your Face Telling You About Your Health?
  48. The 'Ice Man' Wim Hof
  49. How Many Meals, and When?
  50. Good Ways to Stay Up for 24 + Hours and Not Feel Terrible
  51. Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill
  52. Mobile Phones 'More Dangerous Than Smoking'
  53. What is your avg. miles ran a week?
  54. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  55. Food Agency in UK Calls for Ban on Six Artificial Colours
  56. The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?
  57. Life Span Shorter in Parts of U.S.
  58. Weight Training Makes You Bald
  59. Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs
  60. The Importance of Sports and Physical Health to the Nation
  61. Natural Health Resources
  62. The Importance of Phytonutrients/Phytochemicals
  63. Speed Bag/Punching Bag
  64. Study: Frequent Masturbation May Prevent Prostate Cancer
  65. Organic vs. Non-Organic
  66. Are You A Medicine Taker?
  67. Soy-Based Foods May Lower Sperm Count
  68. Is Our Fear of Germs Bad for Our Health?
  69. Kieser Training - Strength Training, from Switzerland?!
  70. Loss of Sleep Increases Inflammation in the Body
  71. How to Improve Your Physique Without Lifting Weights
  72. Vitamin in Foods May Protect Brain (B12)
  73. Paracetamol Linked to Three-fold Increased Risk of Asthma in Children
  74. Avoiding Aluminum
  75. Is Smoking 1-2 Cigarettes a Day Any Worse Than Drinking?
  76. Milk Used To Battle Alcohol Abuse
  77. Winning Formulas for Health (List of Food Additives to Avoid)
  78. 'Vegan Diet Shrinks Brain'
  79. How to Afford Organic
  80. Prescription Drugs Kill 300% More Americans Than Illegal Drugs
  81. Dutch Healthcare ‘Best in Europe’
  82. GHB/GBL - Suitable for a School Night?
  83. 'Elixir of Youth' Drug Could Fight HIV and Ageing
  84. Swiss Approve Prescription Heroin
  85. The Ethics of Life Extension
  86. Dutch Farmers Healthier Than Most
  87. The Junk Food Gene: DNA Flaw Means Two-Thirds of Us Can't Stop Eating
  88. Anyone Had Laser Eye Surgery?
  89. Orange Drinks with 300 Times More Pesticide Than Tap Water
  90. PVC: The Most Toxic Plastic
  91. Drugs and Propaganda
  92. Aspirin Can Prevent Liver Damage That Afflicts Millions, Yale Study Finds
  93. Anti-Anxiety Meds
  94. Chocolate Helps with ... Math?
  95. How to Protect Ourselves Against Diseases and Epidemic
  96. The Underground World of “Neuroenhancing” Drugs
  97. American Diets Getting Worse
  98. Soccer: Not a Sport Germanics Are Best at
  99. Weight Statistics in Europe (Females)
  100. Overweight and Obesity Rates for Adults by Race/Ethnicity, 2008
  101. The Secret to a Long Life - Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild, Wild Women!
  102. Students Pad Up for Lessons
  103. High-Fructose Diets Impair Memory
  104. Vestigial Organs Not So Useless After All, Studies Find
  105. Europeans Being Selected to Prefer Low Carbohydrate Diets
  106. How Junk Food Diet 'Can Give You Depression'
  107. The Methuselah Manifesto: Immortality, Inc.?
  108. Why You Should NEVER Use a Microwave Oven
  109. Straight Edge
  110. Life Extension Lifestyle 101
  111. Canada Approves Harmful X-Ray Airport Scanners
  112. Did You Get or Will You Get Vaccinated Against Swine Flu?
  113. Outlawing Obesity: European Governments Seek to Mandate Healthier Diets
  114. How Many of You Are at Your Ideal Body Weight?
  115. Study: Running Barefoot is Better
  116. What Are Your Thoughts on Drug Use at Rave Clubs?
  117. Why Have White Sprinters Stagnated?
  118. Codex Alimentarius - The REAL Threat To Our Health
  119. Aliments and Medicinal Plants Which Favours the Enjoyment of Happiness
  120. Saying No to Breast Implants
  121. 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp
  122. Soft Drinks Linked to Lower Male Fertility
  123. Bear's Garlic - A Plant You May Want In Your Spring Salad
  124. Speedway
  125. Help Our Health by Signing an Legislation Against GMO!
  126. Would You Continue in a Career That is Slowly Detrimental to Your Health?
  127. Gradual Decrease
  128. Hand Sanitizers
  129. Summertime Advice: Don’t Go in the Water!
  130. Studies Show Flame Retardants Seep Into Children and Pregnant Women
  131. Hydrotherapy (Benefits of Cold Showers)
  132. Eye Fatigue
  133. First White Man to Run 100m in Under 10 Seconds
  134. Loneliness Unhealthy As Smoking and Alcoholism, New Study Says
  135. Puberty Blues
  136. Another Pill That Could Cause a Revolution
  137. Are You Comfortable Being Treated by Ethnic Doctors?
  138. Society's Parasites
  139. Number of Overweight Americans is Still Growing
  140. Scientists Suggest That Cancer is Purely Man-Made
  141. New Tactics for Diversity: Creating Doctors From All Racial, Ethnic Groups
  142. Growing new Teeth
  143. Foods or Natural Remedies That Reduce and Eliminate Nausea
  144. How Do I Strenghten My Immune System? How Does One Reach Optimum Health?
  145. Men: Your Laptop Is Probably Cooking Your Testicles
  146. EU Declares Peppermint a Controllable Herb
  147. Europe Bans Baby Bottles with the Gender-Bending Chemical Bisphenol-A
  148. Do You Really Want to Live Forever?
  149. In Germany, Jewish Physician Refuses to Operate on Patient With Nazi Tattoo
  150. Yoga and Meditation Affect Our Genes
  151. Placebos Work Even Without Deception
  152. You Are What Your Father Ate
  153. Is Wi-Fi Dangerous?
  154. Europe to Ban Hundreds of Herbal Remedies
  155. Should Everybody Be Doing Strength Training?
  156. Ice Bathing Effects
  157. Need Advice on Strength Training: Chinups
  158. P-90X Workout Plan
  159. Walking 'Boosts Memory Power'
  160. Serial Sneezing... a Socially Undesirable Problem
  161. Full Weight Rubber Training Guns
  162. Asian Factory Farming Boom Spreading Animal Diseases Like Avian Influenza
  163. Boy Forfeits Wrestling Match - Does Not Want to Wrestle Girl Based on Religious Beliefs
  164. 'Round-the-Clock' Lifestyle Can Disrupt Metabolism, Brain and Behavior
  165. Heavy Pull Traditional Longbows
  166. Any Ideas on an Every Day Workout to Keep Body Toned but Feminine?
  167. Human Microchipping
  168. Half of Doctors in Germany Prescribe Placebos, Study Finds
  169. Is Average BMI Higher for Germanics?
  170. Are "Keep-Fit" Activities Actually GOOD For You?
  171. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  172. Post Your Last Workout
  173. Hemp: An Excellent Source of Protein
  174. Europe 'Losing' Superbugs Battle: Antibiotic-resistant Infections Have Reached Unprecedented Levels and Now Outstrip Our Ability to Fight Them with Ex
  175. Charl Schwartzel Wins 'The (American) Masters'
  176. Autism in Schools
  177. Manuka Honey Can Help Fight Superbug Infections
  178. Undercover Pensioner Lost 7lb in Just ONE WEEK During Secret Care Home Investigation
  179. New Lightbulbs In Cancer Scare
  180. Is Anybody else an Avid Walker?
  181. Can Your Mattress Kill You?
  182. Synesthesia (Seeing Color in Numbers, Letters, Symbols, Concepts, Etc)
  183. Relatives/Family Who Are Drug Users? Do Tell.
  184. Hand Injury
  185. 'Is It 'cos I'm Black?'
  186. Opinions on Parkour/Freerunning
  187. World Health Org. Classifies Mobile Phones As 2b Cancer Risk
  188. German E. Coli Infections Leap to 1,534
  189. Ghanian Football Star: 'I Don't Date Black Girls'
  190. Forensic Evidence Emerges That European E.coli Superbug Was Bio-engineered to Produce Human Fatalities
  191. GMOs Are Not Food
  192. U.S. Adds Formaldehyde to List of Carcinogens
  193. Healthcare Systems
  194. Vitamins; Helpful, Toxic, or Just a Waste of Money?
  195. Thousands Are Being Denied Surgery by 'Ageist' Doctors
  196. First Patients Have Stem Cells Injected into Their Eyes to Test 'Cure' for Blindness
  197. Get 20 Minutes of Sun a Day 'to Help Beat Brittle Bones'
  198. Down Syndrome Screening Likened to Nazi Select Breeding‎
  199. Cerebral Palsy Sufferer, 22 Turned Away from Pub for Being 'underage'
  200. Mosquitoes More Attracted to Beer Drinkers: Study
  201. Top 5 Cleansing Herbs...
  202. Braces, a Way to Put Money Down the Drain
  203. For All of the Women Who Suffer from Severe Menstural Cramps...
  204. Detoxify Your Life..
  205. Bionic Glove Could Help Golfing Prodigy, 10, Go Professional
  206. It's Time to End the War on Salt: There's Not Much Evidence That Decreasing Salt Intake Would Make Us Healthier.
  207. Vitiligo
  208. 50 Facts About Color Blindness
  209. GABA Receptors: Nerve cells in the eye require vitamin C in order to function properly
  210. Stories About Your Wisdom Teeth
  211. Our Drug Culture
  212. How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans
  213. Exercise ‘Wonder Drug’ for Cancer
  214. I Think I Might Be Getting Diabetes
  215. Has Anyone Considered Donating Bone Marrow?
  216. WHO: Dangerous TB Spreading at Alarming Rate in Europe
  217. Weight Loss
  218. No More Sugar!!!
  219. Cancer Patient Died After Being Attacked by Illegal Immigrant in Next Bed
  220. Doctor Says He Can Turn Brown Eyes Blue
  221. Drug That Lets You Grow Old Gracefully Could Soon Be Reality
  222. Men: Cancer Symptoms You're Most Likely to Ignore
  223. B.C. Compensates Woman Nearly Killed by 'Holistic Healer'
  224. Aspartame Now Being Named And Sold As A Natural Sweetener
  225. EU Says You CAN'T Claim Drinking Water Stops Dehydration
  226. Who is the Fattest in Europe?
  227. Advice for People Suffering from Colds, Flus, and Other Ailments
  228. Drunkorexia
  229. Abuse of Painkillers Reaches 'Epidemic' Levels in US
  230. Berserker Drug?
  231. Diet Patterns May Keep Brain from Shrinking
  232. Cannabis Users 'Born with Smaller Front Part of Brain' Affecting Memory and Decision-Making
  233. Mood Boosting Vitamins And Foods
  234. My Family's Genetic Disorder
  235. District’s White People Walk More, Faster Than Non-Whites
  236. German Leftists Suggest Legal Cannabis Clubs
  237. How Many Here Are Habitual Drug Users?
  238. The Ethics of Brain Boosting
  239. Crude Awakening
  240. Chemicals in Hamburgers
  241. Zap Your Brain into the Zone: Fast Track to Pure Focus
  242. Gulf War Syndrome
  243. Fascinating Extreme/Alternative Sports
  244. Many Processed Foods Are Made with a Coal Tar Derivative
  245. Skadi Members Who Practice Boxing?
  246. Chemical in Plastics A Risk Factor for Metabolic Disorders in Humans
  247. A quest to understand how memory works: interview with neuroscientist Eric R. Kandel
  248. Unvaccinated People a Public Health Threat? Nope, People Who Take Antibiotics Are the Real Danger
  249. Blood Pressure Drug 'Reduces In-Built Racism'
  250. Are Antibiotics Nearing End of their Life Cycle?