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  1. Pit Bulls
  2. Cats: The Jews of the Animal Kingdom?
  3. Bear Activist Attacked and Eaten
  4. Savannah Cats (Cat and Serval Cross-Breed)!
  5. What Is Your Favorite Pet?
  6. Adolf's Owner in Doghouse with Judge
  7. Do You Let Your Pets Eat Off Your Plate?
  8. The Domestication of the Dog, Part I
  9. Which Is Your Favorite European Cat Breed?
  10. Cat Shot With A Crossbow
  11. Court Warning on "Racist Pets"
  12. Coolest Cats
  13. Are Cats Superior to Dogs?
  14. Opinions on De-Sexing of Pets
  15. My slightly growing cat family.
  16. Cruelty to Cats... Australian Males Are the Worst
  17. Primitive dogs, their ecology and behavior (I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr and Thomas S. Risch)
  18. What Are Your Favourite Dog Breeds?
  19. Coolest Dogs
  20. Farm animals 'need emotional TLC' (Julianna Kettlewell)
  21. Catnip and Cats?
  22. The Awful Fur Farms (Warning: Gruesome Videos)
  23. Wiltshire White Horses
  24. Fish Bowls
  25. Germanic Horse Breeds
  26. Friesian Horse Breed: Over 2000 Years Old and one of the purest representatives of the European Horse
  27. Mini-Cattle: Deforming Nature to make it fit Men's Requests
  28. Proud New Parents
  29. Animal Abuse
  30. The Memo Cat and the Weather Goddess
  31. If You Could Be Any Animal...
  32. Present From My Cat
  33. What Should I Name My New Pup?
  34. Hero Cat
  35. Hitlercats!
  36. The Slaughter of Animals for Food
  37. Adorable Dogs
  38. Wild Fauna Trade: Ten-Day-Old Tiger Cub Killed and Stuffed
  39. Nightingales
  40. First UK Pitbull Amnesty Begins
  41. Favorite Animals
  42. Pets Boost Mental Health
  43. Sweet Animal Babies
  44. Obesity Epidemic Strikes Pets, Too
  45. Teach Children to be Kind to Animals
  46. The German Shepherd (Deutsche Schäferhund)
  47. Keeshond (Wolfsspitz)
  48. Wild and Domestic Cat Hybrids
  49. Python Stalks and Eats Pet Dog
  50. Germanic Dog Breeds
  51. Do Your Pets Sleep in Bed?
  52. Best Breeders for DDR Deutscher Schaeferhund?
  53. Dogs As Alternatives to Children?
  54. Feral Dogs and Cats Pose Post-Collapse Danger
  55. Dogs Do Look Like Owners
  56. Can Animals Sense Evil?
  57. Frankenstein Pets!
  58. Do You Feed the Birds in Winter?
  59. The Horrifying Case of the Ukrainian Girls Who Butchered a Dog
  60. Adopting from Breeders vs. Rescue Centers
  61. How to Avoid Being Attacked By a Dog
  62. Purebred or Mixed-Breeds?
  63. Did Dogs Teach Us to Love?
  64. Wolfdog / Wolf-Hybrids
  65. Dogs Are 'Smarter Than Cats'
  66. Feed Animals for Free!
  67. Dog in Germany Gives Birth to 17 Puppies
  68. Cat Called To Jury Duty
  69. Meet Brutus, the 800lb Grizzly Bear
  70. The Dog I Rescued, Who Broke My Heart
  71. Klepto Kitty Caught Red-Pawed
  72. Palletts Buildings for Livestock Cheap and Easy
  73. The Kurī Dog
  74. Experience with Poison Dart Frogs
  75. Feminist Germaine Greer: Kill Your Dogs
  76. Jewish Court 'Condemns DOG to Death by Stoning'... As Rabbis Believe It Was Reincarnation of Lawyer
  77. Dailymail Creates Anger: 'Breakdancing Gorilla'
  78. Tennessee Man Sets Kitten on Fire, Yells "Die Kitty!"
  79. Shocking Cruelty at Massive Abattoir
  80. Baby Whale to Be Put Down After Second Beaching
  81. Dog Mauls 4 Year Old Girl to Death
  82. Are You a Cat or Dog Person?
  83. Cougar, My Good Friend of 19 Years
  84. Post Cute/Funny Pictures or Videos of Animals
  85. Owner of Lost Dogs Threatened with a £75,000 Fine for Putting Up 1,000 Posters
  86. Excessive Dog Breeding is Cruel
  87. PETA Kills Animals
  88. Do You Own Reptiles?
  89. Horses Could Soon Be Slaughtered for Meat in US
  90. Black Man Stabs "Racist" Dog
  91. German Shepherd, a Threatened Breed
  92. Humans' Taste for Dolphins & Manatees on the Rise
  93. Moslems Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe
  94. Circuses Will Be Banned from Keeping Wild Animals
  95. Pets Used As Pawn in Domestic Violence
  96. RIP Wolf
  97. Humanity's Best Friend: How Dogs May Have Helped Humans Beat the Neanderthals
  98. Dogs Demonstrate Empathy to Crying Strangers
  99. Black Bears Show Counting Skills on Computers
  100. European Canine Races, Your Personal Favorite.
  101. What Sort of Exotic Pet Would You Adopt?
  102. Spectacular Home Aquaria
  103. Germanic House Cat Breeds
  104. Germanic Animal Collections
  105. Dolphinaria
  106. Genomic Analyses Reveal the Influence of Geographic Origin, Migration, and Hybridization on Modern Dog Breed Development
  107. What Kind of Dog Breed Do You Recommend?
  108. My Dog Underwent Gender Reassignment Surgery
  109. Humans Have More Empathy For Dogs Than They Do For Other Humans
  110. Furry Memorial
  111. Penguins of the North
  112. Animal Odd Couples: Animals And Their Humans
  113. But What About The Dog? What To Do With Your Shared Pets During A Breakup
  114. Total Planetary Collapse: The World’s Vertebrate Population Has Fallen By An Average Of 60 Percent Since 1970
  115. A White Reindeer Sighting?
  116. All About the Dogs - An American Brittany Story - Project Upland
  117. Did you ever lose a dog which still makes you feel so sad!
  118. Fourteen Exotic Felines That Few Even Know Exist
  119. Homage to the Animal Kingdom
  120. The Owl and the Pussycat
  121. How Different Animals See The World
  122. What Animals Are Thinking And Feeling, And Why It Should Matter
  123. Mind-Altering Cat Parasite Linked To Schizophrenia in Largest Study Yet
  124. Frozen Kitty Revived
  125. 16 Useful Clues To Understand Your Dog Better
  126. How to Understand Your Cat Better
  127. 10 Extinct Animals Scientists Are Ready to Bring Back
  128. Pets You Should NEVER Release In The Wild
  129. 24 Animals That Are Often Confused for One Another
  130. Live Raven Nest Cam in Iceland
  131. Why You Should Never Feed A Dog Pet Food
  132. How Cats Secretly Keep Us All Alive
  133. Can Animals Understand Humans?
  134. Surprising Ways Owning a Dog Is Good for Your Health
  135. Declawing Cats: Far Worse Than a Manicure
  136. Scientists Cloning Dogs Using Just Pooches' Urine
  137. NY Univ. Promotes Paper Comparing Cow Insemination To 'Rape,' Milking Cows To 'Sexual Abuse'
  138. Norway's Dogs Are Being Hit By A Mystery Illness
  139. Saw This In The Forest
  140. Goats Can Understand Human Expressions And Are Drawn To Smiling Faces
  141. A Kitten At Fourteen
  142. Small ''hero'' cat
  143. Woman saves cracked duck egg by carrying it in her bra for 35 days
  144. From Chimps To Bees And Bacteria, How Animals Hold Elections
  145. Why Can't All Animals Be Domesticated?
  146. Owning A Dog Is Influenced By Our Genetic Make-up
  147. UK: Swan Dies of a Broken Heart After Barbarians Smash Her Eggs with Bricks
  148. "Why White People Owning Dogs is Racist"
  149. [IMAGE] I had to say good-bye to my little soulmate recently
  150. Human Behaviors that Dogs Hate and Wish You Wouldn't Do
  151. The Most Extreme Births In The Animal Kingdom
  152. Schildkröten!!!!! Die Tiere der Apokalypse ..... :-)