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  1. Which Country Do You Reside In?
  2. Which Countries Are Germanic?
  3. The Germanic Character...
  4. Five Reasons You Are Proud to be Germanic
  5. How Many Nordish Germanics Left?
  6. How Does One Distinguish Between Slavs and Germanics?
  7. Fundamental Differences between Germanic Ethnicities?
  8. Which Sub-Racial Types are Genuine Germanics?
  9. Nordish vs. Germanic: Their Advantages and Disadvantages [split from: Skadi Orientation ]
  10. "Expansion and World Mission of the Anglo-Saxon Master Race in America"
  11. The 10 Most Influential Germanics In History?
  12. What Makes a Person a Good Nordic?
  13. Where Would You Want to Live and Why ?
  14. The German Order (Deutscher Orden)
  15. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World Where Would It Be?
  16. Greater Germanic Reich
  17. What Group Do You Primarly Identify With?
  18. Things You Like About Your Country and Things You Hate
  19. Germanic Heritage Page
  20. Why do racial pride and preserving the Germanic MEG have positive value?
  21. Nationalism or Pan-Germanicism? / Inter-Germanic Unity or Inter-Germanic Aparthood?
  22. Future of Europe/USA?
  23. How Did You Discover Nordicism?
  24. Are You Germanic?
  25. Germanic Social Networking
  26. Is the Nordic race worth preserving in its own right?
  27. The Denordicisation of our People
  28. Our Natural Symbols and Gestures
  29. Nordicism or Teutonicism?
  30. What Defines Germanicity?
  31. Germanics Should Be Protected Under International Law as an Indigenous People
  32. The Germanic Honour ('Ere')
  33. The Destiny of Nordish Man
  34. What's Your Heritage?
  35. Define the German(ic) spirit
  36. What Do You Consider Your Homeland?
  37. Why Are the Irish Not Considered Germanic/Nordic?
  38. Germany Annexes The United States...
  39. Blood or Culture - What's Worth More?
  40. How Flanders Helped Shape Freedom in America
  41. A Symbol To Identify Myself As Germanic
  42. Germanic vs. Nordic?
  43. Are Modern-day Belgium and Northern France Germanic?
  44. Test your "Germanicness"
  45. Do You Love Your Nation?
  46. How Do We Preserve Our Germanic Heritage?
  47. Which Germanic Nation Excels Presently/Has Stayed Truest to Its Heritage?
  48. The Regional "Conflicts" Within Your Nation?
  49. Were Franks more Germanic or Celtic?
  50. The Frankfurt School and the Destruction of Germanic Culture
  51. Baby Steps for the Germanic Tribes to Walk Again
  52. Round Us All Up Theory & Myth in Germanic Preservationism
  53. Arrogant Americans or European Elitists?
  54. What to You is Definitely Germanic? / Universal Germanic Qualities
  55. What is the Official Pan Germanic Flag?
  56. European vs. Colonial: A Valid Distinction?
  57. Post a Random Fact About Germanics
  58. Germanic Demographic Numbers: How Many Germanics Are There?
  59. Havhingsten, the Sea Stallion from Glendalough
  60. Great Maps of Germania!
  61. Germanic Blood Map
  62. Do You Hold the Citizenship of Your Ancestral Country?
  63. What Is The Greatest Threat To Germanic Identity?
  64. Do Germanics Value Space and Solitude More?
  65. Are You a Germanicist?
  66. Germanic Spirit and Ethos
  67. Your City's Claim to Fame
  68. Real Name Change
  69. Which Region is Likely to Be a Homeland for Germanics in the Future?
  70. Germanics, Order, and Freedom
  71. Are You Critical of Your Own People?
  72. Definition of Ethnicities and Origins
  73. Are Germanics an Ethnicity?
  74. To What Ethnic Ancestry of Yours Do You Feel You Belong To?
  75. Modern Reconstructions of Our Germanic Heritage
  76. For or Against Regional Mixing?
  77. Slavic and Germanic Mixing?
  78. Germanic Rotterdam & Germanic San Diego; of Equal Importance?
  79. The Baltic Question: Are Balts Related to Germanics and to What Degree?
  80. Where Did You First Learn About the Germanic Concept?
  81. What Makes You Feel Most Patriotic to Your Country?
  82. The Germanic Volksgeist
  83. Have Germanics Always Been Materialistic?
  84. Germanic Country Names
  85. Creating an "Anti-Defamation League" for Germanics?
  86. Do You Accept Intra-Germanic Immigration?
  87. How Different Are the Finnish to the Swedish, Danish and Norwegians?
  88. What is Your Germanic Background?
  89. Are the North Adriatic Peoples Germanic?
  90. Which is the Germanic People You Feel Most Kinship With?
  91. For Europe, or for the Whiteman?
  92. Are Germanics an Inherently Perfect People?
  93. Who is Germanic and Why?
  94. Proposed Germanic Flags
  95. Birthrates by Nation + Map Thereof
  96. How Germanized Do You Consider Galizien To Be?
  97. Your Closest Neighboring Country
  98. How Germanic is the American Germanic?
  99. Differences Between the American and European Cultures
  100. Moving to a Different Region or Area
  101. North or South?
  102. How Are You Germanic?
  103. Germanic or Teutonic, Which Term Do You Prefer?
  104. How Germanic Are the Spanish?
  105. Forum FAQ & Purpose
  106. Vandals and Vandalism
  107. Are You Proud or Ashamed of the Barbarian Stereotype?
  108. Should Mixed Tribal or Ethnic Identity Be Avoided?
  109. Prejudice and "National Shame"
  110. Germanicism's Ideological Influences
  111. Germanic Isolation in Modern Times: Concerned About the Future
  112. Were the Germans Ever Called Dutch?
  113. Germanic Achievements
  114. Charter of Racial Rights (by Richard McCulloch)
  115. A Question of Stereotypes
  116. Is A Germanic Revenge Appropriate?
  117. Would I Be Considered German?
  118. The Hollow 2000's: Triumph of Nihilism or the Quiet Before the Storm?
  119. Modern Germanic Ethnic Groups?
  120. What Are Germanics to Do?
  121. Where Is Location of Purest Teutonic/Nordic Blood?
  122. Views on Racial Purity?
  123. Should Germanics Rule the World?
  124. Skadi for Germans Only?
  125. I Have a Question, What DO You Want People Who Aren't White/'Germanic' to Do?
  126. Which Deserve More Respect?
  127. How Much Are the British (Especially English) Related to Other Germanics?
  128. Your Thoughts on Racial Unassimilability, Exclusion of Foreign Races
  129. Analysis: White Males/White Females "Most Preferred," Asian Males/Black Females "Least Preferred".
  130. Are Hungarians and Finns Phenotypically and Genetically Germanic/European?
  131. Why Do White Americans Look Different From Europeans?
  132. Which Germanic Person Do You Admire Most and Why?
  133. Why Do You Put So Much Emphasis on Being "Germanic"?
  134. How Do Swedish Nationalists Feel About Germanic Immigration?
  135. Germanic Preservationism - What Characterises Us?
  136. Is Tolerance a Germanic Value?
  137. 200mph 'Bullet Train' Planned Between London, Cologne and Frankfurt
  138. What is the Difference Between Celtic and Germanic?
  139. American Rail Vs. European Rail
  140. Germanophilia Among Non-German National Socialists
  141. Do Most Slavs Have a Built-In Sentiment of Aversion Towards the German People?
  142. How Old Were You When You Became Interested in Germanic Preservation?
  143. How Extreme Are You With Regard to Racial 'Purity'?
  144. Germanics Vs. Natives Intelligence
  145. How Germanic Are Italians?
  146. How the Ecological Concept of Biodiversity Supports Your Movement
  147. Declining Racial Demographics Internationally
  148. The Question of Non-Germanics Devoted to Germanic Identity
  149. (How) Do You See Wales as Part of 'Germanic Britain'?
  150. Are Germanics the Most Cohesive and Inter-Related Meta-Ethnicity in Europe?
  151. How Can I Understand the Jewish Influence on Germans and Germanics at Large?
  152. The Disintegration Of Nations
  153. Jobs That Best Suit Germanics?
  154. The Nature of Germanics: War or Peace?
  155. Calling Names for Whites
  156. Do You Think Our World is Going Downhill?
  157. Our Situation Now, and Our Future
  158. Do You Struggle with Your Anti-Germanic Conditioning?
  159. How Were/Are Germanic Cultures Being Destroyed?
  160. What's the Plan?
  161. Ongoing Germanic Achievement
  162. How Germanic is Finland?
  163. Do You Promote Germanic Supremacism?
  164. Is an Anglo-Saxon Someone with English AND German ancestry?
  165. A Question for My Germanic Brothers
  166. Compare Celts and Germanics: Physical Differences
  167. Why Are Only Blondes Considered Pure Germanics?
  168. Will Our Countries Ever Be Ethnically-Homogeneous Again?
  169. How Would Your Ideal World Look Like?
  170. Why Do the British Apply Double Standards Against the Afrikaners?
  171. What Is Your Main Reason For Opposition to "Race-Mixing"?
  172. How Similar is Celtic and Germanic Culture and Physical Appearance?
  173. Is It Possible to Be Pro-Germanic, While at the Same Time Being Pro-Black or Pro-Hispanic?
  174. Germanic Preservationism and Theological Purity
  175. Data/Statistics on the Situation of Germanics
  176. We Should Be Able to Celebrate Our Germanic Culture
  177. Exactly How German Are the French?
  178. The Germanic Ego
  179. Pronunciation of Alamanni?
  180. We Are Germanic!
  181. Which Cities Accross Europe Are Former German Cities?
  182. Difference Between WASPS and Englishmen...?
  183. Why Do Pople Hate Redheads in England? the Redhead Stereotype That Is....
  184. Man of Regress?
  185. Where Do You See Our Germanic People in 70 Years?
  186. How Did You Become Interested in Germanic Preservation?
  187. Join the Revolution for Peace?
  188. The Standard Germanic Mindset/Personality/Psychology?
  189. Who's the Greatest Ten Germanics of All Time?
  190. What Gives You Hope That Your Culture and Race Will Survive?
  191. Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?
  192. [SOLVED] lieve Modern Germanic Peoples Lack Ethnocentrism?
  193. How Germanic Are the Balkans?
  194. Symbols of Pan-Germanism?
  195. If You Have Brown Eyes You Are Not Germanic?
  196. Are Celtic People Germanic?
  197. Germanic Heroes
  198. Are Kilts Germanic?
  199. Are Germanic Whites the Only Ones Who Care About Racial Purity?
  200. Role of Your Upbringing in Your Preservationism
  201. What Do You Consider to Be Corrupting Influences on Germanics?
  202. What sets Danes apart from other Germanic Peoples?
  203. Common Opinion About Germanic Heritage in England?
  204. [SOLVED] nd Norway Seen by Each Other
  205. Why Do You People Support NS?
  206. A Concealed Reality: German Contributions to the World
  207. Am I Wrong for Disagreeing with the Word Germanic?
  208. How Germanic Are the Croats?
  209. How to Tell if I'm Germanic or Celtic?
  210. Diversity Is Our Strength
  211. International Germanic Partnerships
  212. How Come There is No Germanic Mob?
  213. Trees Without Roots Will Always Fall
  214. If You Had to Live in Another Germanic Country...
  215. Am I Germanic Enough?
  216. Is Varg Vikernes Right? (Will The World Population Collapse?)
  217. Which Germanic Cultures Favor Introverts and Extroverts?
  218. Why Do Germans (Berlin and Otherwise) Refuse to Speak English?
  219. Did German People Who Lived Under National Socialism Think Life Was Better During That Time?
  220. How to Lead a Wholesome Existence?
  221. Is There a Superior Race?
  222. Which Area Do You Think Will Have a Racialist Revolution First?
  223. EU And US: A Relationship of Concern
  224. I'm Germanic and Proud of My Heritage, but I'm Unsure About the Far Right. Is This Site for Me Too?
  225. Hello
  226. Germanic Preservation vs. Evolution
  227. The Anglosphere
  228. European Union and United States
  229. Some Recent Genetic Studies
  230. Are Germans Generally Rude and Uncommunicative Compared to Other Nations?
  231. "Germanic" Is an Exonym
  232. Which Germanic Countries Have the Closest International Relationship?
  233. Why Do Austria & Australia Have Such Similar Names?
  234. What Would Have Been Hitler's Fate Had He Been Captured Alive?
  235. Walpurgis
  236. Can Anyone Recommend Me Any Good Germanic Books?
  237. Does Prussian Identity Still Exist Today?
  238. Propaganda
  239. How Did Germanic Tribes Maintain Cohesive Tribal Structures?
  240. Any Alsatians around here?
  241. Who Do You Consider to Be Your Own People or Folk?
  242. Being Pro-European
  243. Ever Heard or Read About This?
  244. The disinformation is so bad
  245. Could I Be Considered Germanic?
  246. Reliable books about Germanics and European history?
  247. "Naturalized" Germanics or Loss of Germanic Status