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  1. Protestantism and the Nordic Soul
  2. Gay Anglican Priests Fear for Careers
  3. Martin Luther's "On the Jews and Their Lies"
  4. US Episcopal Church: The World’s First Consecration of Openly Gay Bishop
  5. A good spoof of Evangelical godidiots (is there anyone dumber than a Protestant?)
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  10. Protestants stifle Protestantism.
  11. Are there any real Christians in here?
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  13. Is the Pope the Antichrist?
  14. The Luther Rose
  15. Your Opinion on Protestantism?
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  19. Death of the Protestant Work Ethic
  20. "Banking Secrecy Has Its Roots in Calvinism"
  21. The young are the most Calvinistic: Trouw
  22. Protestant Churches Pose Growing Threat to Israel, Says Wiesenthal Center Rabbi
  23. Puritan Values or MBA Values?
  24. America's Christian Faith is Experiencing a Comeback of Calvinism and Its God-first Immersion in Scripture
  25. Afrikaner Calvinism
  26. The Southern Way of Religion
  27. Opinion of Theonomy/Dominionism/Reconstructionism
  28. Christian Group Directs “Spiritual Warfare” Against Pagan Goddess
  29. Are Evangelical Christians Warmongers? (Chuck Baldwin)
  30. English Folk Church
  31. Bertrand L. Comparet: Israel's Fingerprints
  32. Priest Out After Objecting to Muslim Prayer in Church
  33. Should the Protestant Ethic Become the Spirit of the Alt Right?
  34. VIDEO: State of the Church of England and Its Heresies
  35. The Radicalism Of Reformation: How Luther Shaped Modern Europe
  36. Gay Marriage Cake: UK Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Christian Bakers
  37. 2% of young adults identify as C of E / Anglican - Church in crisis
  38. Professor Walter Veith
  39. Any HUGUENOTS Around Here?
  40. Understanding God's Law - Part 1 - Introduction
  41. Christmas - What Your Pastor Doesn't Want You to Know
  42. Baal is Back! Demons in the Deep State
  43. Gustavus Adolphus’ Revolutionary Army...
  44. [VIDEO] A Message for Our Times
  45. Fake Christianity
  46. Hundreds Gather At Church For Blessing Ceremony Featuring AR-15s
  47. The Holy Land Experience – Christ-insanity Theme Park in Orlando
  48. ‘I’m Ashamed of our History’: Church of England is ‘Still Deeply Institutionally Racist’ says Archbishop of Canterbury
  49. New Study Finds Only 2% of Millennials Fully Adhere to Biblical Doctrine
  50. Southern Baptists Capitulate on Race
  51. Easter Service in Nidda Disrupted By Three Young Men Chanting Islamic Slogans
  52. ‘House of One’: Berlin lays first stone for multi-faith place of worship