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  1. Do you like X-Games (Bike, Roller Blading, Motorcycling, etc)?
  2. Who Has A Horse/Horses? / Do You Enjoy Riding Horses?
  3. Stig Tofting
  4. Any Hockey fans here
  5. SATURDAY, JUNE 21st, 10PM ET, 7PM PT...
  6. Champions League Football
  7. Euro 2004
  8. Which Football Club Do You Support?
  9. Hatton Dominates Tackie in Manchester
  10. Horseback Archery
  11. Any Luftwaffe Modellers Here?
  12. Motorcycles!
  13. Anyone Play Online Games?
  14. Chess
  15. Thoughts on Football (Soccer)
  16. What Are Your Hobbies/Pastimes/What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?
  17. Athens 2004 Olympics
  18. Female Volleyball
  19. Where Would You Like To Travel To? / Your Favorite Travel Destinations
  20. Champions League 2004
  21. Germany or Italy for Holidays?
  22. What Is Your Favorite Season?
  23. Football Teams You Can't Stand!
  24. Traveling to Iceland
  25. Williams v Klitschko Photos
  26. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  27. I Want to Live in a Nordish City
  28. Where Have You Been on Holidays?
  29. Should Foreigners Be Allowed in National Sport Teams?
  30. IIHF World Championship
  31. Any Coin Collectors Here?
  32. Anyone Else Play Old Games?
  33. NHL Returns!
  34. Riding Icelandic Horses
  35. Highland Games
  36. Have You Ever Traveled to a Nation You Dislike?
  37. Shinty
  38. Lazio striker Di Canio defends raised arm salute (yes he did it again!)
  39. World Cup Preparations: Teaching Berlin How to Smile
  40. What Nordish Homelands Have You Been to?
  41. What Computer/Video Games Do You Play?
  42. Do You Go To Parties?
  43. On Soccer, Football, Rugby
  44. World Cup 2006
  45. Did You Watch the World Cup Yesterday?
  46. The Offside Rule = Stupid
  47. Total War 2
  48. Cycling
  49. (Travel) Your Personal World Map
  50. The Sport of Your Nation
  51. Does Anyone Here Play Paintball?
  52. Which Sports Do You Practice?
  53. Fartlek - As Good as it Sounds?
  54. Football, Euro 2008
  55. Travel Guides
  56. Concertgoers
  57. Souvenirs and Memorabilia
  58. Reenactments
  59. Travel Conditions in Transylvania/Romania
  60. Germany vs Austria, Euro 2008
  61. WW2 Reenactors
  62. Africans in Beijing Harassed As Olympics Approach
  63. Travel In Norway
  64. Good Places to Travel in South Africa?
  65. Olympics 2008 Beijing
  66. Favourite Germanic Sportsmen or Sportswomen
  67. Ram Groping Tournament Held in Iceland
  68. Bavarian Hotel Offers a Field of Dreams
  69. Stupid UEFA
  70. Elegant Emergency Landing (Elegant Nødlanding)
  71. Pitch Battles: England V Germany
  72. Which Sports Do You Follow As a Spectator?
  73. Do You Read Your Horoscope?
  74. Swedes Have the Longest Holidays in Europe: Study
  75. Motorcycle & Weight
  76. Moose Hunting in Alaska
  77. How Do You Feel About Hunting?
  78. Who Here Collects Small Figures of Lead Like Warhammer?
  79. Does Anyone Fish? / Your View on Fishing
  80. World Cup 2010
  81. Are There Any Stamp Collectors Out There?
  82. Traveling to Germany
  83. German Norse Risk
  84. Soccer Improves Health, Fitness and Social Abilities
  85. World Cup 2010: Games and Discussion
  86. Did Baseball Begin in 18th-Century England?
  87. French Mercenary Soccer Team Boycotts Training
  88. The Laws of the Game - What Would You Change About Football/Soccer Rules?
  89. French Sprinter Lemaitre
  90. What Is/Was Your Favorite Videogame?
  91. Ken Block Gymkhana
  92. Stone Lifting - Training with Large Stones
  93. Grand Tour of Europe!
  94. Fox Tossing
  95. Football World Cup 2022 In...Qatar
  96. Pilots on Skadi?
  97. Australian Open 2011
  98. Ski Alpine World Championships Declared Open in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  99. How Dangerous Are Trail Rides?
  100. A Good Spring Hunt
  101. Russia 2018 Fight Racism
  102. New World Order Comix : The Saga of the White Will
  103. Watch Out During The Woman's World Cup
  104. David Haye Vs. Wladimir Klitschko (Boxing)
  105. England's Black Shirts for World Cup
  106. World at War a Disgusting Video Game
  107. British Kickboxing Champion Mark Fowler Dies
  108. Panzercorps by Matrix -- Released July 10
  109. English Football and Racial Replacement
  110. What Kind of Phone Do You Use?
  111. Skyrim!
  112. Kill Hitler in Sniper Elite V2 Pre-order Bonus DLC
  113. "Racist" Car Banned From Appearance At NASCAR Race
  114. What Country Should I Move To: Iceland or Norway
  115. German Football Team Auschwitz
  116. The Olympics Have Always Been a Bit Fascist
  117. German Dance Tutorials
  118. Euro 2012
  119. Battlefield 3 P
  120. Politicisation of Football
  121. Northwind: A Nordocentric Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting
  122. African Players Responsible for English Exit at Euro 2012
  123. Traveling to the Faroe Islands
  124. Olympic Authoritarianism
  125. Euro 2016
  126. Which Mountain Will You Climb Next?
  127. Rio 2016
  128. Fashy Tourist Destinations
  129. Football Association is "Too White" and "Too Male" Says Sports Journalist
  130. Gaming on an Android Tablet
  131. Best Picture for Console Games?
  132. Why Did You Become Interested in Your Favorite Hobby?
  133. Rewriting the History of Games
  134. Lego
  135. Portable Puzzle Collection
  136. Le Tour
  137. Study Finds Link Between Death-related Anxiety and Support for Killing Animals
  138. Developers of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Demand a Nazi-Free America
  139. 76% of Sports Teams Promote Junk Food: Blamed for Childhood Obesity
  140. Travel Recommendations
  141. Sweden World Hockey Champion 2018
  142. FIFA World Cup Final 2018
  143. Holidays/Vacations 2018
  144. Darts
  145. Football, A European Culture And Tradition, Killed By Globalism!
  146. Reformers and Derelicts
  147. Football: Champions League & Europa League (all seasons)
  148. The Road Cycling Thread
  149. The Devolution Of The West Can Be Seen Through Popular Sports
  150. The Manchester Derby (Football)
  151. Does Anyone Hike/Trek in the Wilderness?
  152. Transgender 'Woman' Beats Lifting Records
  153. 8th Place: A High School Girl’s Life After Transgender Students Joined Her Sport
  154. Cricket
  155. White Lighting
  156. Millennials Still Avoid Work to ‘Travel The World’ Despite Record Jobs
  157. The Golf Thread
  158. Vandals Trash Model Railway Exhibition
  159. Women's Football
  160. Politically Incorrect Toys & Games
  161. Sporting Wages Getting Ridiculous!!!
  162. New Dell G3 3590
  163. UFC's Conor McGregor 'Punches Elderly Man'
  164. UEFA Euro 2020
  165. The Gracie UFC Conspiracy
  166. Judo
  167. New Loden Hunting Jacket from Germany
  168. PC Games Nostalgia - 2500 MS DOS games emulated for browser use
  169. Tech Kids Shun Board Games
  170. What a Hockey Goal !
  171. MMA Thread
  172. Taekwondo Fight: Ginger Ninja Trickster vs World Champion
  173. Only 3 NFL Head Coaches Are Black: ‘It’s Embarrassing’
  174. UK Soccer Star Facing Investigation for ‘Racism’ After Tweeting About Rothschild Power
  175. Inside the Booming Business of Adults Who Play With Toys on YouTube
  176. Personal, Economic and Political Error of Vacation Travel
  177. Why Do The Swedes Take Such Long Summer Holidays?
  178. Bayern Munich & German National Squad Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Singing Nationalist Folk Song ‘Lijepa li si’ in Croatia
  179. Militaria Collecting
  180. Travel: The German Half-Timbered House Road
  181. Automobiles
  182. Heimat Defender: Rebellion (video game)
  183. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla devs apologise for "ableist" language, promise an update
  184. All Professional Cricketers in England to Be Given Anti-Racism Training Courses
  185. U.S.: The Growing Sports Divide over Race and Politics
  186. 'Hyttefolk': Why Norwegians are so passionate about cabin retreats
  187. Panic Time: NBA Fast-Approaching Historic Ratings Lows
  188. Video Game Seeks to Fight Racism by Putting Players in the Shoes of a Black Father
  189. Taking the knee for Black Lives Matter to be banned at Tokyo Olympics
  190. WWE superstar John Cena is ‘very sorry’ to Chinese fans for referring to Taiwan as a country in Fast and Furious 9 promotional interview
  191. Uefa Euro 2020 (European soccer championship)
  192. NFL says: ‘Football is gay. Football is queer. Football is accepting.’
  193. Norwegian Karsten Warholm Sets World Record in 400m Hurdles
  194. Olympics were not the patriot games