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  1. Africa: Home of World's Poorest Countries
  2. 'Proof of Negro Inferiority', By Alexander Winchell
  3. Black Africa is a very diverse community
  4. Negroid Admixture in Various European Groups
  5. What are the Tutsis of Africa supposed to be?
  6. Coon About the Origins of Negroes
  7. Negro Egyptians?
  8. The lost Africans of India
  9. Negroid Admixture in Arabs
  10. "Race is Only Skin Deep": Albino Negroids
  11. The Negroid Subraces
  12. Round Heads Period
  13. The Dogon - lost Egyptians ?
  14. Measures of Body Composition in Blacks and Whites: A Comparative Review
  15. Progressive African Types?
  16. Negroids in the Saudi Arabian Population?
  17. Queen of Sheba
  18. An Anthropometric Analysis of the Average Afro-American Male Face
  19. Are Negroid Genes Dominant?
  20. Racial Origins of Negroids, Saami, Australoids, etc.
  21. Sexual Selection on the Male Side Among the Wodaabe
  22. The Little People of Africa
  23. Clicks Languages and Pygmies
  24. Why Negroids are the better runners
  25. Negroid Hair - Why Negroids Have Frizzletop?
  26. Who's the Blackest Black Man/ Woman You've Ever Seen??
  27. Mixed Black and White Offspring
  28. Iman & Ayaan as Aethiopids
  29. How Europid are the Aethiopids?
  30. Classify Le Pen's Black Poster Girl
  31. Negroid Energy Regulation Theory
  32. Khoi and San Original Ethnic Groups of Southern Africa
  33. Egon von Eickstedt's 'Das Negride Afrika Körperformgruppen'