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  1. Blonde Indians in Mexico
  2. What is the Racial Foundation of Native Americans?
  3. The Anatomical Character of the American Indian
  4. American Model
  5. Genetic Approaches to Understanding Human Adaptation to High Altitude in the Andes
  6. Blond Indians of the Darien Jungle
  7. The Nimerigar: A Human Dwarf Race in America?
  8. Differences between Quechua and Aymara indians
  9. Ximena Huilipan: A Mapuche Model
  10. Why Aren't Amerindids Classified As Mongoloids? And Amerindid+Europoid Hybridization VS Nordsinid+Europoid Hybridization
  11. Were the Indians Noble Savages?
  12. Technical Report: Assessment of the Genetic Analyses of Rasmussen Et Al. (2015)
  13. Neumann's Otamid Type
  14. The American Race [by Brinton Daniel Garrison]
  15. Evolutionary Population History of Early Paleoamerican Cranial Morphology