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  1. Chinese Face reading
  2. Founders of Chinese dynasties partly European ?
  3. Mongoloid Skin Color Ranges?
  4. Mongoloid Admixture in Vairous European Groups
  5. Pictures of Inuits from Greenland
  6. Haplogroup 16: Mongoloid or Caucasoid?
  7. Introduction To The Anthropological Study In Mongolia
  8. Mongol Turks: Heritage
  9. Mogoloid Spots, Evidence of Mongoloid/Negro Admixture
  10. Jomon-Ainu (Caucasian?) X Yayoi (Mongoloid?) in Ancient Japan
  11. Asians in Iceland?!?!
  12. East Asians - from a German Biological Book
  13. Does being very unhairy mean you have mongoloid ancestry?
  14. Turanid thread
  15. The Origin of Mongoloids
  16. Southern Asians in Japan
  17. The Distribution of the "Mongolian Spot"
  18. Turanoid?
  19. Paleomongoloids: Thai women
  20. Brandon Lee
  21. Which Mongoloid type is Jackie Chan?
  22. Native Folks of Siberia [Pictures]
  23. Rare Find in Japan: Yayoi Brain Tissue Preserved in Ruins
  24. Comparing the Incomparable: Japan and the Balkans
  25. Torii Ryuzo's Asia
  26. Delicate Features of Neoteny in Mongolids
  27. Chiyou
  28. Dimensions of face in Asia
  29. Are Native Americans Mongoloid and do they have an Epicanthic Fold?
  30. Standing Tall in the Land of Genghis Khan
  31. Chukchi
  32. Meiramgul
  33. Prehistoric Mongoloid Dispersals
  34. Paleo-Mongoloid phenotype
  35. More Flattering Portrials of the Mongoloid Male
  36. Pekingman
  37. The Negrito Factor in South East Asia
  38. Kennewick man, Polynesians, Ainu, and Jomon
  39. Further discussions of Mongoloid origins...
  40. Links Between Early Siberians and Aurignacian Europeans?
  41. Keeping Track Of Contradictions About Mongoloid Genesis
  42. Better Classifications for Asian Races
  43. Classification of two differing Sinid phenotypes
  44. Classification of Japanese phenotypes
  45. Classification of Korean Phenotypes
  46. Can you tell which person is from which asian subrace?
  47. The Sinoid Spectrum in East Asia
  48. Classify soccer players from Dalian Shide
  49. Anthro Pictures of Various East Asian University Students
  50. Origins of the Thais - Suggests they are more 'Sinitic' than australoid
  51. Racial Types of South Asia
  52. What is the Racial Composition of the Manchus?
  53. Nordsinid Girls
  54. The Dayaks and Lundman's Dayakids
  55. Nthropological Remains From The Neolithic Burials In The Boisman Bay
  56. Japanese Olympia Team 1936 - Racial Composition
  57. I Need Information about East Asian Subraces
  58. Pictures of Chinese in China
  59. Anthropology of the Japanese People
  60. Deuteromalayids and Protomalayids
  61. Combe Capelle and Modern Eskimo
  62. Average Height of Chinese
  63. Southern Chinese Racial Types
  64. Epicanthal folds
  65. How Mixed is Southeast Asia?
  66. Chinese Soldiers (People's Liberation Army), Nordsinid
  67. Koreans and Manchu- mostly not "nordsinid"
  68. Amerindians and facial hair growth
  69. Genetic Morphology of the Asian Landmass
  70. How I categorize mongolid races
  71. Is it known what..
  72. Mongolid types and their Geographic ranges
  73. Mutsu Munemitsu
  74. Komura Jutaro
  75. Palaungid and Nesid?
  76. Division of Northern and Southern Mongoloids
  77. Europid-like Features Among the Japanese are not of Europid Inspiration
  78. Paleo-Mongolid admixture in the classic Neo-Mongolid populations?
  79. Wu Peifu
  80. Chinese footballers
  81. "How to Spot a Jap" US Army Manual
  82. Liu Xiang
  83. Shao Jia-Yi一
  84. Chiaki Kuriyama
  85. Republic of China (Taiwan) Soldiers
  86. Chinese people's heads becoming smaller
  87. Are Mongoloids Better Coordinated?
  88. Faces of Tibet
  89. Actress Rinko Kikuchi
  90. Commentary on Korean Males
  91. Origins and Composition of Japanese Population
  92. Traditional & classical Chinese beauties
  93. Craniofacial Differences Between Japanese and British Caucasian Females
  94. Lapps and Samoyeds
  95. Cipangid
  96. Japanese Facial Hair
  97. The Māori People
  98. Are Ladogans and Lappoids a Sub-race of the Mongoloid Race, or Something Else?
  99. How Are Koreans Classified?
  100. China’s 56 Ethnic Groups
  101. The Mongolian Blue Spot
  102. On the Origin of the Ryukyu Islanders: The Integration of Craniometric and Cranial Nonmetric Data
  103. Craniofacial Variation of the Xiongnu Iron Age Nomads of Mongolia Reveals Their Possible Origins and Population History
  104. The Mongoloid Races (Digital Composite Racial Plates)