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  1. Philosophical Schools of Thought and Books That Most Influenced You?
  2. I'm Seeking the World/ World Filter.
  3. Reality: Objective or Subjective?/The Object
  4. Oswald Spengler: Man, His Destiny, His Role In History
  5. Freedom, Power and Culture/The Transcendence or Phantom of Freedom?
  6. Santayana: Reality and First Premise
  7. (Humor) Causes of Death of Philosophers
  8. Heidegger on Nietzsche & Art
  9. Honour Creates Beauty [Myatt]
  10. Rationalism to Nihilism to Faith
  11. Solipsism
  12. A revival of Romanticism?
  13. Philosophy of 'the Human'?
  14. Timeline of the 29th Waffen Grenadier-Division der SS
  15. Art Reflects Life, It Does Not Change Life
  16. Finding or Inventing?
  17. Aristotle's Poetics
  18. Descartes: Meditations
  19. Why Do Philosophy?
  20. Science and Philosophy
  21. American Nihilist Underground Society
  22. The Fact About Truth
  23. Aphorisms from Weininger's Notebooks
  24. Man, not money, is most valuable in the world.
  25. This World is Becoming ... High School
  26. Pride in Ancestors
  27. What causes people to be so intolerant of truth?
  28. Quantitativity
  29. Christianity, Nietzscheanism, and Spengler's Doctrine of Caesarism
  30. The Waldgänger: Ernst Jünger's Concept of the Sovereign Individual
  31. The Universally Hopeless Modern Vision of the Future...
  32. Would You Be Warrior, Priest or Farmer?
  33. What Is Beauty?
  34. Some Thoughts on Rationalism
  35. The Self
  36. Greatest Philosopher Ever (Poll)
  37. "Satanism" is Misguided Opposition, Nazism is the true Opposition
  38. On Truth and Lie in an Extramoral Sense - Friedrich Nietzsche
  39. Soul and Nature
  40. On The Shortness Of Life
  41. Nietzsche's Critique of Religion
  42. The Myth of Equality
  43. Emile Cioran and the Culture of Death
  44. On Diversity
  45. The Michelstaedter Enigma
  46. The Anarch
  47. Michael Ende as a philosopher
  48. In Defense of the Folkish View
  49. Julius Evola on Drugs
  50. All Things Are Nothing To Me [Max Stirner]
  51. Carl Gustav Jung on Wotan
  52. Which religion is the right one for you?
  53. The Last Interview with Cioran (excerpts)
  54. The Unity Ideal: A Fallacy
  55. Your Ancestors Matter!, by Steven A. McNallen
  56. Arthur Schopenhauer On the Vanity of Existence
  57. Today a Strange Man Came to Town
  58. 19th Century Humanistic Philosophies and America's Cultural Corruption
  59. JS Mill Quote
  60. What is your view on the notion of Free Will?
  61. The Cult of Infinity
  62. The Technological Society
  63. The Mage versus The Philosopher
  64. Alfred Rosenberg on Racial Respect
  65. Your Personal Mythos
  66. El solipsisto manifesto (not everyone's cup of tea)...
  67. One of the Potentialities of 'Possibility'
  68. Principle Doctrine of Epicurean Philosophy
  69. Gifts...
  70. Do We Create the World?
  71. The Philosophy of Liberty
  72. Society without a State
  73. We Need an Angel Like Clarence
  74. Life, Liberty, and ...
  75. No religion and an end to war: how thinkers see the future
  76. Introduction to Natural Law [Murray N. Rothbard]
  77. Aphorisms and Allegories: Post your Original Works
  78. Paul Virilio and the Phenomenology of the Political Body
  79. Cyberwar, God And Television
  80. Is There Such A Thing As Human Nature?
  81. What Truth Theory Do You Accept?
  82. The Anti-Humanist Manifesto
  83. Our Existence Is Paradoxical or Non-Paradoxical?
  84. Weaver of Liberty
  85. Revisionism for Our Time
  86. Shestov
  87. Aryan and Heathen: An Inherent Contradiction of Terms or Necessary Relations?
  88. On Danger [Ernst Jünger ]
  89. The End of Everything
  90. Original philosophical studies in negation from Pacitti's The Nature of the Negative
  91. Manipulation and Reality
  92. Great Germanic Philosophers by Nation
  93. How applicable is Social Darwinism?
  94. The Organic View of History [Spengler]
  95. The Masses and Truth, according to Hitler and Schopenhauer
  96. I Am A Hippy With Insomnia
  97. Primitive, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary?
  98. One of those life-changing writings...[Pascal]
  99. Is Beauty Really Subjective?
  100. How Do You Want To Die?
  101. What is the Meaning of Your Life?
  102. Absolute Vs. Relative
  103. History Shows That Famous Thinkers Also Get It Wrong. And They Admit It
  104. Could We Say There's an ''I''?
  105. Counter Arguments Against Philosophers
  106. How Can One Be Surrounded By People Yet Lonely?
  107. Do Individuals Control History, or Do History and Fate Control Individuals?
  108. National Socialism & Communism, the Far Right & Far Left, a Parallel
  109. Grim Reeper Versus Grey Reiver, Back if I Win
  110. Carl Jung and the Philosophy of the Occult
  111. Hegel on Art
  112. 18th Century German Aesthetics
  113. Do You Mourn The Ascent From Primitivism?
  114. Why I Am Not a Skeptic
  115. Boethius, the Teacher of Kings
  116. Are You Beautiful?
  117. The State of Nature
  118. [Philosophy Audio Books]
  119. How Would You Ideally Define Class?
  120. Is it Possible to Achieve an Utopian Society?
  121. Looking for Information on the Artamanen
  122. Which (Germanic?) Virtues Are Most Important to You?
  123. Where are the Great Minds of the 21st Century?
  124. What Are the Qualities of the Übermensch?
  125. Does a Nazi Deserve a Place Among Philosophers?
  126. Your Philosophy of Life?
  127. Sith Philosophy as a Current in the 'New' Right?
  128. Article: Why Did Rome Fall - And Why Does It Matter Now?
  129. Nicolás Gómez Dávila (Aphorisms)
  130. Can Norse Mythology Be Reinterpreted for the Future?
  131. Hitler As 'Enlightenment Intellectual'
  132. Why Study The Classics? | Political Liberty & The Classical Tradition
  133. Joseph De Maistre on the Divinity of War
  134. Existentialism
  135. Individualism Vs. Collectivism
  136. Why Beauty Matters: This Video Should Be Required for Europeans
  137. Nietzsche and Cyclical Time Flow
  138. Duality of Injustice - Commit of Suffer
  139. The Philosophy of Jack London
  140. The Volksgeist.
  141. Immanuel Kant: Militarist, Racist, Proto-Fascist and Anti-Semite
  142. What is Your Opinion of Ayn Rand?
  143. Free Market Capitalism Incompatible With Nationalism
  144. National Socialism Is Platonic in Origin
  145. (Briefly) Regarding: Jews and Insanity, Adults and Society.
  146. Human Being = Animal Being
  147. What Role Does/Should Religion Play in Lives of Modern Human Beings?
  148. Is Racial Pride Irrational?
  149. Multiculturalism And The Death Of Democracy
  150. The Newer Sexual Inequality Emerges
  151. The Man of the Future
  152. Dichotomy of the Transcendental Relation Between Time and Space
  153. The Theory of Theories
  154. Reflections on the Warrior Archetype
  155. Epictetus on the Ideal Stoic/Cynic
  156. Tradition, Antitradition, and Countertradition
  157. Just How Ridiculous Things Have Become
  158. Religion and Politics, Defined
  159. The Wooden Ship
  160. Epiphanies
  161. Your Epitaph?
  162. Logos and the US
  163. Change
  164. Feeling Restless?
  165. Anti-Social Darwinism
  166. Corneliu Codreanu and the Warrior Ethos
  167. Beyond Prudery and Perversion: The Sexual Aesthetics and Metaphysics of Julius Evola
  168. So is Free Will Really Just an Illusion?
  169. Nietzsche the Visionary: A Reflection on the Nature of a Civilization Guided by Nietzschean Values
  170. What is Traditionalism?
  171. 'Faces & Mud' (Julius Evola)
  172. Courage Style Aristocracy [by Michael Walker]
  173. The Difficult Encounter in Rome. Mircea Eliade's Post-war Relation with Julius Evola - New Letters and Data
  174. The Most Important Word
  175. Unconscious/Organic vs Conscious/Inorganic Identitarianism
  176. The Forest and the 'Faustian' Soul
  177. Intelligence
  178. Greatest Philosophers Are All White European Men
  179. The Romantic Era: A Lighthouse for Modern Nationalism
  180. Nietzsche
  181. What is Life worth living for?
  182. Ethical Studies Selected Essays by F. H. Bradley [pdf]
  183. F*ck You Barbara Specter and other
  184. Morgellons, Transhumanism Interview with German Scientist
  185. The Doomer: Dealing With An Age Of Hopelessness
  186. Why philosophy must be dragged out of the ivory tower and into the street
  187. Solipsism
  188. Philosophy Test
  189. How Do You Prepare For The Moment Of Death?
  190. Jordan Peterson Dismantled | Jordan Peterson Exposed [Resurrection Europa Mirror]
  191. Thoughts On Race Denial, "Skin Color," And The Future
  192. Prussianism and socialism / oswald spengler
  193. The Evil of Postmodernism, or, Why Do Trannies Exist?